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DC Motor kit

For full description on what makes this dc motor kit so effective please see side bar menu item "Motor Kit Overview"

If you already have an Origin Live DC motor kit and wish to upgrade or add to it then see side bar manu "Upgrades and spares (DC kit)"

Complete DC turntable Motor and power supply kits

The Motor kit upgrade comes complete with everything you need which includes Motor, mounting plate, pulley, Electronic switch box, all leads and connectors, Wall wart plug, strobe card for easy, accurate speed setting and instructions. No soldering is required - Details of these items are found in the side bar menu item "Motor Kit Overview".

When you order the motor kit we ensure that you are given the correct transformer for the mains electrical supply of your country unless you specify otherwise in an email to us.

We often get asked whether the kit is easy to fit to a specific deck. Please bear in mind there are well over 1000 turntable models and we do not have a detailed knowledge of them all. There are specific examples of motor fitting in the list of decks fitted with the kit. If your deck is not listed, please assume we have no knowledge of its details so asking us will not help.

General guidance notes on fitting dc motor kits are provided on the web site. Rest assured, the motor fits 99% of all decks which is why we offer a money back gaurantee, thus allowing you to fit the motor in the safe knowledge that you can return it within 3 weeks or so for a full refund if it proves non viable.

For full quote, including export price (if applicable) and carriage, please go through the online ordering process. This will deduct vat if applicable and quote carriage once you have entered your address details.

Summary of options which affect performance significantly

Standard Upgrade kit - For those on a severely limited budget, this is intended for low value decks that you wish to keep running and also provides an upgrade to the AC motors commonly used. There are significant performance improvements but also a plus or minus speed drift of 0.4% from the start of the record to the end. This is not as bad as it may sound as many popular decks run at up to 0.8% fast all the time.

Advanced Motor Kit - Extraordinarily high value for money, the circuitry on the advanced motor kit is far in advance of the Standard and includes such game changers as load compensation which means the deck has constant speed across the whole record. Much improved dynamics and clarity are other very obvious benefits.

Ultra Motor Kit - A faster functioning circuit along with improved regulation and lower noise gives the Ultra significantly better performance than the Advanced kit. As well as improvements to the circuit, components are uprated and a heat sink installed.All this contributes to a more cohesive and musical sound with greater resolving power.

Upgrade Transformer - fully balanced low noise - Lowers impedance thus enablling higher instantaneous current to be delivered. This adds to every aspect of performance and in particular the sense of power and depth in the bass. The upgrade Transformer is more influential than the difference between the Advanced and Ultra electronic control boxes, so the Advanced plus Upgrade transformer outperforms just the Ultra and costs the same roughly. Of course the best of all worlds is the Ultra with upgrade transformer.

DC200 Motor - All kits are supplied with the DC100 motor as standard, however the DC200 motor is offered as an option.The DC200 has twice the torque and power rating of the DC100 as well as being quieter and smoother. The effect on sound quality is dramatic in all areas of the music. Dynamics, timing and resolution improvements are teh main highlights.

DC300 Motor - All kits are supplied with the DC100 motor as standard, however the DC300 motor is offered as an option.The DC300 has four times the torque and power rating of the DC100 as well as being quieter and smoother. The effect on sound quality is dramatic in all areas of the music. Dynamics, timing and resolution improvements are teh main highlights.

The heirarchy of upgrade combinations to give best return on investment:is as follows:

Option 1 = Advanced Motor Kit (includes DC100 and 1Amp transformer) gives you a brilliant upgrade at £345
Option 2 = Add the DC 200 motor (in place of DC100) £130 = total £475
Option 3 = Add the Fully balanced, low noise Upgrade transformer 225VA for an additional £340 which gives a large leap in performance  £815.
Option 4 =  DC300 motor instead of DC100 with option 3 which adds £275 - total £960
Option 5 = Ultra Motor Kit with DC300 & Upgrade transformer = £1185



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  • Turntable-motor-DC-motor-kit-Turntable-power-supply

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  1. Simply Marvellous Review by Harumiya

    I received DC Kit last weekend and a rather hard time for it's assembly work.
    Anyway, the sound coming from the modified Oracle MK 3 is simply marvelous.

    Only problem I met is that,in case of MK 3, the module bottom plate is firmly fitted to acrylic board, so, it's quite difficult for me to disengage them.

    My audio components are summarized as follows.
    Arm SME V, Cartridge ZYX Airy 3
    Power amp ARC CL60 (100Hz over), Musical fiderity A 3.2 (100Hz under), Pre amp ARC SP14 Speaker QUAD 988 Vintage ( 100Hz over), Gradient SW 63 (100Hz under)

    Best regards,
    H. Harumiya
    (Posted on 19/10/2013)

  2. Awesome Review by Finn

    The upgrade has been good fun, and the result is awesome. Thank you! I

    My life with the Gyro has been lifted to a new level. Good thing autumn comes with dark evenings and plenty of time for music enjoyment.

    Best regards,
    Finn Mølmen
    Oslo, Norway

    (Posted on 19/10/2013)

  3. DC Motor Kit Review by skimmity

    I have an old Ariston RD11 Superior, and the transformer wore out, and naturally it was hard to replace. So I decided to try the originlive DC Motor Kit. It was installed and the change was noticeable immediately - the improved tonality, and depth of stereo image. I have had the DC Motor Kit installed with my Ariston RD11 Superior, now about 7 years, and every time I listen to my music I thank the heavens i decided to invest in the DC Motor Kit - it has enhanced my music listening pleasure, and it can alter yours too. I throughly recommend this product as being excellence of the finest, and worth every single penny. Buy it with confidence. (Posted on 19/05/2013)

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