Dimensions for Fitting Origin Live & Rega Arms

Armboards & Mounting Position

It is certainly possible to fit the Origin Live and Rega tone arm to any deck but sometimes you may either have to modify your existing armboard or acquire a new one - (see a dealer for the second option). The tone arms require a singe hole in the armboard or plinth - 24mm or 25mm in diameter to fit into. Once the arm is inserted through this hole it is then secured by a large nut which clamps it onto the underside of the board.

The distance from centre of arm hole to centre of platter spindle needs to be 222mm plus or minus 1mm. The arms can rotate to be clamped at any angle . The effective length of the arm from its mounting hole center to the cartridge end of the arm is 240mm. The arm overhang from pivot point to the rear is 50mm to the end of the counterweight stub.

Maximum arm board thickness, on which to mount the arm is 28mm (if you remove a packing ring from the arm) but normaly we recommend 21mm maximmum.

For Encounter arms and above - If the top of the armboard is around 28mm below the top of the platter then the arm will be at its lowest position for tracking a normal cartridge (17mm body height) and can be raised by a further 14mm

For 12 inch arms only - Centre of 24mm diameter hole for arm mount to centre of platter spindle is 295.6mm plus or minus 1mm. The length of the arm from its mounting hole center to the cartridge end of the arm is 309mm. The overhang from pivot point at rear end is 50mm to the end of the counterweight stub.

Fitting to the Linn LP12

If you have a Linn LP12 turntable with a Linn arm then the arm hole on your current armboard will be in the wrong position (Linn arms mount at a distance of 211mm from the platter spindle) . We can supply you with a Pre-drilled armboard for the Origin Live and Rega arms at £27 - this board is identical to the Linn armboard but is missing the Linn Logo. Alternatively you can get a blank arm-board from Linn and get it drilled. This is simple to fit.

On newer Linns the wooden corner brace has been increased in size which creates a slight foul with Standard size Origin Live and Rega arms. This is easy to rectify by removing a small semi-circle of the brace. Probably the quickest way to achieve this is to drill a series of 4mm holes as close as possible to one another in the shape of the cut out you need. Then finish off the job with a chisel.

After fitting a new arm you can find printable instructions for setting up your Linn at Linn Sondek LP12 turntable instructions

Fitting to an SME mount

If your arm has an SME nount there is an adaptor plate available on this website which bolts to your existing mount and provides the correct hole and position for mounting Origin Live arms – see Accessories > Vinyl > Adaptors

Modifying your current arm board

If you modify your current armboard you will need to cut a hole in the board to locate the arm at the dimensions given above. This will leave you with the old hole looking unsightly. To hide this, make up a large circular plate washer of black card, aluminium or other material and glue this to the armboard - the spacing washers we supply with a new arm have an outside diameter of 48mm and will normally fulfill this function for most situations (the thickness of the washer is 1.5mm or 4mm). The advantage of gluing the washer to the armboard is that it also locates the arm in the correct position.


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