Table of Turntable Performance Features

This table provides, at a glance, the key performance differences between turntables in the Origin Live range

Upgrade Platter Mat XXXX
Advanced / DC200 Motor SupplyX   
Ultra / DC300 Motor Supply XXX
Chassis Inertia Disc XX 
High Performance Armboard  XX
Multi-Layer Platter   X
Balanced Upgrade Transformer   X
Heavyweight Plinth   X
Maximum Decouping on Main Bearing  XX
Weight & Dimensions (Packed Dimensions in Brackets)


15.6kg or
18kg with
(+2.1kg for

All Origin Live decks have the following specifications

  • Oil Filled platter bearing with hardened ball bearing running on hardened thrust pad for low friction and long life
  • Special low drag oil with high strength viscous layer - Lower friction means decreased vibration and faster speed recovery under dynamic loads imposed by demanding musical passages.
  • Flat anti-static belt manufactured in house using special material that increases grip and reduces stretch under instantaneous loading - increased dynamics and deeper bass performance are most noticable benelfits.
  • Low vibration DC Motor with highly regulated supply - Ensures smooth drive with minimal colouration.
  • Non metalic, special plastic pulley enables maximum belt grip, resulting in increased definition and dynamics.
  • Adjustable Feet for easy leveling
  • Single point cantilever suspension of the sub-chassis - unique, in being neither solid nor suspended - This avoids the softing of leading edges observed in many suspended designs and also avoids the hardness noticed in many non-suspended designs.

This list could be a lot longer but we have included the aspects that most people are concerned with.  Some materials and techniques we use are so hard won that we cannot advertise them for reasons of confidentiality.

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