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Please note that we do not quote for systems under £1500. If you can't answer any questions, don't worry - just leave blank.

System Priorities

  • The following questions help us to identify the most balanced products for you. Add notes if you wish.

Loudspeaker Size and Visual Appearance

  • You can select speakers which enhance the appearance of your room by their styling rather than trying to hide them. As a rule, good large speakers deliver improved sound quality over their smaller counterparts.
    Please provide us with your opinion on the following statements.

    Speaker Form & Mounting - Tick 1 or 2 boxes

Rest of the System Visual Appearance - e.g. Electronics, CD Players, Amplifiers, Rackets etc.

    Select as many boxes as you wish

  • e.g. Headphone listening is very important to me

Acoustic Environment

  • Listening room description:

  • eg. 10 x 15 x 8 meters

Purpose & Favoured Format

  • Below, please select which formats you will be using your new system with, and add notes underneath to tell us which are your priorities

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