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When you play vinyl, up to 90% of your total system amplification takes place in the phono stage. Most integrated amps and pre-amps do not have high grade phono stages as they share the power supply with the rest of the electronics. This is what makes investing in a high grade phono stage one of the most effective upgrades. The Origin Live phono stage Discovery is designed to vastly improve on whatever you currently own by virtue of innovative circuit design and employment of high grade components. It will amplify the output of all Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges. Unlike many phono stages, it is fully balanced, which yields a host of benefits over unbalanced phono stages (more of this later). It also features a full range of adjustments for capacitance and impedance loading along with a wide range of gain settings. This flexibility means that you are able to get the very best from your cartridge regardless of it’s make and characteristics.

Sound Quality

Improvements that the Origin Live phono stage brings to a system are dramatic - the most immediate observation among many, will be a vastly improved speed and timing in the music that brings you much closer to live performance. Other factors to highlight are increased transparency, dynamics and levels of detail. It’s highly neutral tonal balance means excellent imaging capability leading to the 3 dimensional sound stage so appreciated by those who understand what makes music tangible.

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