Turntable Power Supply & Motor Drive Versions


The turntable power supply upgrade consists of a high-grade motor and external boxed power supply. The motor plate is designed for drop-in replacement of your existing turntable motor. Three levels of upgrade are offered - Standard, Advanced and Ultra.

Motor Drives include all you need:


- Fully Built speed control / switch box with all leads and plug connectors

33rpm & 45rpm

- 50 x 110 x 180mm

- High Grade DC Motor with precision bored,  high grip special plastic pulley designed for flat and round belts. The motor is supplied with a motor plate adaptor to enable fitting to your deck.

- Transformer for either 240/230v, 50Hz or 110v, 60Hz mains supplied.

- Strobe Card for easy and accurate speed setting.

- Fitting Instructions: The upgrade motors and turntable power supplied are fully built, no soldering is required - they are literally plug and play. Installing the motor in your deck is usually a simple procedure with full instructions provided.

Click here for more information and a more detailed description of our motor kits



Standard Upgrade - For All Decks


The Standard kit is for those on a severely limited budget. It is intended for low value decks that you wish to keep running - Comparison against the Advanced kit features mean the following:

- The circuitry lacks load compensation and so has a plus or minus of 0.4% speed drift from the inner to outer grooves

- Components are downgraded - the casework for the kit looks the same as the advanced, but has a red LED for identification

- Performance is a significant upgrade on most older motor drives but lacks much of the dynamics, bass power and accuracy of the advanced kit.

The power supply comprises: DC100 Motor, Advanced off-board control box and transformer power supply 240/230v 50Hz and 110v 60Hz options


Advanced Upgrade - For All Decks


Advanced switch box - identifiable by it’s green LED, the advanced switch box has a much more sophisticated circuit design with improved load compensation and higher instantaneous power delivery.




Ultra Upgrade - For Mid to High End Decks


Increased dynamics, bass weight and power are just a few of the major benefits to be gained with the Ultra upgrade.

Ultra Switch Box - identifiable by it's black aluminium case and blue LED includes the following features:


Component Upgrades - Many aspects of component specification have been upgraded, including low impedance / low leakage capacitors, highly specified diodes, special LED and heat sinks.

Circuit Upgrades - The circuit design has been refined to:

- Reduce electrical noise

- Reduce response time

- Increase current delivery

Upgrade Transformer


A special upgrade transformer is offered as an option for all switch boxes. This features a low noise advanced  transformer, housed in an outboard enclosure. If you have an existing standard Origin Live transformer, then it simply substitutes in it's place.

The vastly increased delivery of instantaneous high current results in improved transparency, dynamics and deeper bass.


Turntable Motor Options - DC100, DC200 & DC300


Three grades of motor are offered

DC100 - smooth reliable motor

DC200 - smoother, quieter and double the torque of the DC100

DC300 - Very Smooth, quiet motor with 4 times the torque of the DC100.

The DC300 offers the ultimate in terms of performance, delivering a clear improvement in dynamics and power of presentation over the DC100. With higher torque and smoother rotation, the results are clearly audible, with all the usual characteristics of an improved motor drive. This is particularly true in the bass region where there is a great increase in dynamic.

Wall Warts


US 110v


Europe 230v


UK 230v



Upgrading an existing Origin Live regulator / switch box to latest version

Advanced-DC-Motor-Kit           Ultra-DC-Motor-Kit

The latest switch boxes are a remarkable enhancement on pre-2011 models - see review

All you need to do is order new and send in your existing box to our address at the bottom of this page.

We realise that you do not like to be without vinyl for long so our turnaround times are normally no more than 2 days.

 Why Motors & Power Supplies Have Such A Powerful Influence On Turntable Performance

22 Years after purchasing my first turntable, it continues to amaze me how they all exhibit such major sound differences. It seems that every aspect of a turntable's design affects performance to a remarkable extent.

The motor and drive mechanism is possibly the most important aspect, contributing up to around 30% of overall performance. At first this may seem an unexpected statement and so by way of explanation, it is worth considering the following.

The purpose of a deck is to rotate the record at a precise speed in relation to the cartridge needle. No other motion must be present except the stylus movement through the groove. Any other motion will upset the correct movement of the stylus in the groove by adding to it or subtracting from it. The outcome is then amplified around 8000 times by the time it gets to the speakers.

To reduce motor vibration at source there are 2 approaches:

To produce a perfect, electronically synthesized sine wave to drive an AC motor.
To produce a perfectly regulated, load compensating DC current to drive a DC motor.

To be fair there are theoretical pros and cons to both methods. AC and DC solutions are both highly demanding and much depends on the quality of the motor. Origin Live chose to use DC motors, not so much for theoretical reasons, but on findings that DC motors generally run far more smoothly than AC motors  – this is eliminating vibration at source rather than controlling it.

There is an argument that if a deck is completely inert, using high mass platters and carefully selected plinth materials, then motor vibration exert little influence on the resulting sound. It is surprising therefore, that the DC motor kits we supply, have an astonishing influence on such decks, some of which use platters in the 30kg (66lb) range. Quite how the vibration of a motor can upset such a mass takes some thinking about.

Features & Benefits

Control of Motor Energy Fluctuation

A high performance DC motor drive is dependent not only on motor quality but more importantly on a superb power supply.

Motors are hard to drive evenly with absolute precision. Eddy currents within the magnets cause severe power fluctuations among other factors. Negative voltage is fed back into the power supply. If not controlled, this results in motor vibration and severe loss of dynamics. Origin Live power supplies absorb such dips and surges in load, while adjusting to deliver copious and precise power with great speed.

Speed Stability

The motor requires load compensation to maintain the turntable at a constant speed. This is because the drag of the stylus varies between the inner and outer tracks of a record. Many turntables suffer from about 1% speed drift. Not only is there variation from inner to outer tracks - there is also localized variation when the stylus negotiates complex or heavy passages of music.

To overcome these problems, the Advanced and Ultra power supplies have a load sensing circuit that maintains speed drift to a mere 0.1% (as measured by Hi-Fi News magazine - ten times better than the average turntable). The results are increased dynamics, better timing and pitch control, and a greater sense of drive and pace.

It is worth mentioning that for motors, a well designed mains regulator far surpasses the performance of lead acid battery regulation (as used by a few high end pre-amps).

Low Noise

As well as delivering superb speed control, the regulator is designed to produce very low noise, thereby reducing vibration still further. This translates into increased transparency and better definition.

Speed Switching

The speed is easily switched between 33rpm and 45rpm using the knob on the speed control box.

Rear Panel Of Control Box

Speed Setting

To cater for different sizes of platter or sub-platter, you can set the infinitely variable motor speed for your particular deck using preset dial resistors. This has the added advantage of making the motor simple to transfer should you ever change your deck.

Motor Features

The high-grade DC motors are best of class and characterized by:

  • Low vibration.
  • Smooth, powerful rotation.
  • The motors are a breakthrough design with virtually no cogging effect due to iron-less cores. Cogging is the 'flick' that occurs as straight rotor windings pass between straight magnetic strips, i.e. the power transfer varies as the coils rotate from one magnetic pole to the next. More expensive motors have 'skewed' coils to ensure a smooth power transfer as the rotor rotates between poles.

This imparts a massive advantage over the inexpensive AC motors used in most decks, such as the Linn LP12, Thorens, Rega etc. These cannot run smoothly in comparison, no matter how sophisticated and expensive the power supply. The Origin Live DC motor is not only cog-less but also iron-less, which means that flux residue which occurs in cheaper motors is eliminated. Smoother, more efficient operation is the result. The Origin Live motors are also fitted with precious-metal brushes and are highly reliable. The bottom line is that the major source of vibration in any turntable (i.e. the motor) is dramatically improved. The benefits are difficult to imagine and fully appreciate until you hear them.



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