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A selection of spares and upgrades for our DC Motor Kits

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  1. DC100 Motor Alone
  2. DC200 Motor Alone

    DC200 Motor Alone

    DC200 Turntable Motor Option - nearly doubles the torque of the DC100 with smoother operation to yield significant improvement. Learn More & order online
  3. Upgrade-Transformer-Alone-Turntable-Power-Supply-Motor-Drive-Range

    Fully Balanced Upgrade Transformer Alone

    Balanced Upgrade Transformer for: 230V Europe, 230V UK, or 110V Learn More & order online
  4. Upgrade-Transformer-Alone-Turntable-Power-Supply-Motor-Drive-Range

    Technics Upgrade Transformer


    Technics Upgrade Transformer for: 230V Europe, 230V UK, or 110V

    Learn More & order online
  5. DC300-Motor-Alone-Turntable-Power-Supply-Motor-Drive-Range

    DC300 Motor Alone

    DC300 Turntable Motor Option - very high grade motor that yields huge benefits in sound quality. Learn More & order online
  6. Motor Drive Advanced Control Box Alone

    Motor Drive Advanced Control Box Alone

    Advanced Switch Box Alone - for DC motor kits and Origin Live MK1 or Resolution Classic decks - easy replacement for lost or non-functioning boxes. Learn More & order online
  7. Ordering Page for ALL Belt Upgrades - scroll down

    Ordering Page for ALL Belt Upgrades - scroll down


    "That innocuous looking piece of rubber has a far greater effect upon the sound of a turntable than most of us realise .....The Upgrade Belt ... is one of the most cost effective changes that I have made to this deck (LP12).....I suggest you buy one and try it. I am both amazed and impressed at the improvement it makes to the sound of my Sondek. HI FI WORLD MAGAZINE .

    The unique Origin Live Upgrade Belt is made from a special rubber far superior to that found in normal belts, providing a great opportunity to seriously upgrade the performance of your turntable. The dramatic performance increase derives from increased grip and less vibration transmitted into the platter.

    Learn More & order online
  8. Motor-Drive-Ultra-Control-Box-Alone-Turntable-Power-Supply-Motor-Drive-Range

    Motor Drive Ultra Control Box Alone

    Increased dynamics, bass weight and power are just a few of the major benefits to be gained with the Ultra upgrade. Learn More & order online
  9. Origin-Live-Tall-Pulley-high-grip
  10. Short-Pulley-high-grip-turntables
  11. Upgrade-Transformer-Alone
  12. Wall Wart Options for all countries

    Wall Wart Options for all countries


    We will send the correct Wallwart to suit the electrical mains supply in your country when you select the option "I'm not sure what my mains supply is"

    Learn More & order online
  13. Rectangular-Plate-Turntable-Options
  14. Circular-Plate-Turntable-Options

    Circular Plate 50mm dia for motor

    Circular Plate - 50mm (2" ) diameter not counting lobe for screw hole. Thickness is 2mm Stainless steel. Plate is pre-drilled to accept all Origin Live motors Learn More & order online
  15. PCBs to upgrade / repair all Origin Live dc motor kits

    To upgrade / repair your existing DC motor kit with replacement Circuit board PCB

    All owners of an existing Origin Live DC motor kit can upgrade or repair their boxes by installing a replacement printed circuit board (PCB). If you have an advanced or Ultra dc motor kit serial number below 130316 then you can experience a significant upgrade by ordering a new PCB. The current MK12 PCBs improve a great deal on all previous versions by virtue of a highly evolved design that produces an ultra stable voltage and unimpeded current delivery to reduce motor vibration.

    You can know the age of your dc motor kit from the first 2 numbers of the serial number which denote the year of production e.g The Serial Number 081013 means that the kit was built in 2008 in the 10th month (November) on the 13th day of that month. This is helpfull to know as the regulators have improved year on year.

    Learn More & order online

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