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Dynavector 10x5 mc ( for mm moving magnet input ) cartridge

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The Dynavector mc (mm input) 10x5 cartridge is so good that it has been described in one review as "the only game in town". This reputation is well earned! The cartridge is highly neutral and will work well in most systems and tonearms. The musical character of the Dynavector is a delight with its warmth and body in the bass along with exceptional clarity and musicality.

Because the moving coil gives a high output of 2.5mV, the Dynavector 10X5 can be used with mm (moving magnet) inputs. This is a tremendous advantage if you only have don't have a phono stage in excess of £600.

The Dynavector 10X5  debuted in 1978 winning the prestigious Design and Engineering Award at the Chicago CES in both 1978 and 1981. The 10x5 now features the dynavector cartridge unique magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism (patent) along with powerful Neodymium magnet.
The 10x5  also features a newly designed Aluminium head block to provide a rigid platform for the cartridge motor. Tapped holes for the headshell bolts makes mounting the cartridge a breeze and a decent stylus guard also helps.

Review Extracts

"Bar none, I found the Dynavector to be the best overall cartridge that I have had the opportunity to hear to date, and a tremendous value to boot. I give the Dynavector  DV-10x4 MKII my heartiest recommendation. In fact, I have been loath to invite my friend by for a listen. He may want his albums back!. TNT-Audio.."  read more

"I think it offers a level of musicality and record enjoyment that far exceed its retail price.. Soundstage! Vinyl World." read more

"There's tremendous power and energy in the mid band and bass for a cartridge of this price......Anyone upgrading from moving magnets who wants a taste of the high end should try and hear it"  Hi-Fi World

"The 10x5 has refined what I expect from a cartridge at this price point, eclipsing the old model and turning a real solid performer into something rather special Hi-Fi+


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  1. Excellent but getting expensive Review by Ageing Ears

    I've been using the 10x5 for over ten years in three separate budget arms and it is an excellent all rounder. It is tolerant, well balanced, and tracks well. At its original price (£250) it was a no brainer. I'm not sure how it stands up to the competition at £499, but with a varied and large record collection (both musically and condition wise) I would still regard it as a safe bet. So many cartridges have turned out to be one trick ponies. The 10x5 passes all the tests and is widely compatible. (Posted on 01/11/2016)

  2. Superb Review by philip

    Get your dancing shoes on for this one.A real fun cartridge and like the Denon DL103 amazing value for money.Seems to play all forms off music with no favourites and punches well above its price.I have several cartridges albeit much older than this which cost much more than this and yet I prefer the Dynavector.The cracking Origin Live frontend I have thanks to advice from Mark seems to allow the Dynavector to shine but it still sounds good mounted on an old Rega Planar 2 that I have.
    It is also very kind to old vinyl in that it seems to render surface noise to a level where it is easy to ignore.
    Yet another good recommendation from Mark. (Posted on 03/08/2013)

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