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Linear Flow 2 External Review by Hi-Fi Choice

Origin live Linear Flow 2 External Tonearm Cable

The Linear Flow 2 external tonearm cable from Origin Live is usually supplied hardwired to the Origin Live range of tonearms. However, it is now available fitted with a 5-pin DIN female plug as an upgrade for existing tonearms that have a DIN connection. The cables are shielded and suitable for balanced and single-ended (unbalanced) systems. The phono plugs are high quality WBT-0102 Cu and have pure copper signal conductors which are gold-plated (the DIN plug also has gold-plated sockets). The cable itself is one metre long and comes with a separate blue earth lead, terminated in a gold-plated fork connector for connecting to the earth terminal on phono preamps. Sound quality For the purposes of this review, I fitted a ‘standard’ external tonearm cable that I could easily swap for the Linear Flow 2 cable. Both were supplied new and I ran them in for over ten hours each before assessing and comparing their performance. Cables should be run-in for one hundred hours or more, the greatest improvements can be heard after ten hours or so. It never ceases to amaze me how an interconnect cable can contribute to sound quality. Swapping from the standard to the Linear Flow 2 caused instruments to snap sharply into focus and become more clearly defined within the sound stage. The overall sound was fuller and more real with a better dynamic range. In particular, the top end sounded more elegant and refined when the Linear Flow 2 cable was installed. Yes, it’s expensive, but this comes very highly recommended.

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