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Hana SL


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Hana SL is a Moving Coil cartridge with a diamond Shibata-stlus. escellent frequency response and superb trackability


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Hana SL

Low cost, high performance Moving Coil cartridge with nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus.

The Hana SL Moving Coil cartridge has a nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus, capable of excellent high frequency response, and use high rigidity aluminum cantilevers with cross-shaped armatures offering supreme transparency and excellent trackability. The body is manufactured from a composite low resonance plastic material in black.

The SL (Shibata Low output) offers 0.5mv/1KHz output.



Model No.HANA-SL
StylusNude Diamond Shibata
Output Level0.5mv/1kHz
Output Balance<1.5dB/1KHz
Vertical Tracking force2gr
Channel Serperation25dB/1KHz
frequency Response15-32,000HZ
Suggested load Impedance>400Ω
Cartridge Weight5gr
Plastic Body ColourBlack












Reviews, 30 Jun 2016

I could live with the Hana... If tomorrow all the other cartridges I had disappeared I would be quite happy to continue listening. I wouldn't feel short-changed, and though I might miss certain things they wouldn't 'bother' me so much. No other cartridge under 1500 Euro has passed this test. That the Hana is well below this limit is quite an achievement.

Hi Fi Choice, 22 Feb 2016

Both [SH and SL] are superb cartridges and are strong challengers to rival big-name brands at the price.

The Ear, Hi-Fi Music Gear, 12 Feb 2016

I see a bright future for the new Hana brand, its excellent price to quality ratio should ensure that.

High recommendation

HiFi Pig, 12 Jan 2016

What immediately impressed me with both cartridges was the very low surface noise and how quiet they were overall.


  1. Unbeatable value for money Review by Stefano M

    The low output version of this cartridge is not maybe a 'giant killer', since it costs some hundreds of euros, but is surely a very hard contender if considering the value-for-money. The step forward, in respect to an entry level MC such as the Ortofon Vivo Red, which I owned, is definitely a giant step. No doubt it delivers much much more detail and much more dynamics, without any sign of harshness or fatigue in the listener. it sound no boxy at all, but free and transparent, and even with punch and warmth if they are in the recording. Excellent tracking ability and good Signal to Noise ratio, it sports even very natural sound, as I would expect in much more expensive cartridges. I can imagine more brilliant performer, but not at this price level. (Posted on 09/03/2017)

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