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Zyx R-100 Fuji Cartridge

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Zyx R-100 Fuji

Zyx R-100 Fuji Cartridge

Zyx R-100 Fuji  £1,483

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The Zyx R-100 Fuji Cartridge has a perfect magnetic circuit that is improved from it of YATRA MKⅡ. It gives you extremely even sound balance at both channels and extremely symmetrical sound that is just like symmetrical Fuji Mountain. So the sound is too stable and magnificent. R-100FS has pure silver wires at both channels for the first time in R-100 series.

Such as brilliant silver snow covered the top of Fuji Mt. makes him more holy, silver wires can playback all of sound signals smoothly and transparently with extremely wide range.

R-100FX has systematically crystallized copper wires for the first time in the world. The wire has been developed by the help of two companies in Y2002.

The sound has no coloration at all and is so pure and natural that you will be able to use R-100FX as the standard sound for your audio system.

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