London Cartridges

We are not permitted to offer this brand of cartridge outside the UK.

The London Range

London Cartridges

London cartridges are absolutely unique in both concept and performance. The value for money is outrageous (in the best possible way) as they put most high-end cartridges to shame in so many critical areas. The most immediate impression given is of fabulous live feel to music. In other words, notes start with lightning speed and decay with precision – just as they should – making the average cartridge sound almost glacial in its presentation.

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London Cartridge Range Comparison


Cartridge Reference Jubilee Super Gold Professional (DJ) Gold Maroon
Stylus Exclusive line contact extended line-contact extended line-contact nude elliptical spherical
Frequency Response 20Hz to 40kHz  20Hz to 40kHz  –
Output 5mV  5mV  5mV  5mV  5mV
VTF  1.8g  1.8g  1.8g  1.8g
Weight  6.7g  6.7g  6.7g  6.7g
Output Impedance  2k ohms  – 2k ohms  2k ohms
Dynamic Compliance  15×10-6cm/Dyne  –  15×10-6cm/Dyne  15×10-6cm/Dyne
Channel Seperation 1kHz: >25dB  –  –  –
Load Impedance  47k ohms  –  47k ohms  47k ohms