The Cartridge Man Music Maker Mk3

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The Cartridge Man Music Maker Mk3 Cartridge

The Cartridge Man Music Maker Mk3 Cartridge

The Cartridge Man Music Maker Mk3  £775

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“The Cartridge Man Music Maker Mk3 Cartridge is a high-performance variable reluctance device, employing a proprietary extended contact diamond stylus.” – The Cartridge Man

…the extreme harmonics of the treble were brought out with a crispness that came as a shock next to the harshness of many other cartridges. Record after record succumbed to the treatment of the aptly named ‘MusicMaker’.
It was easy to subconsciously compare the unit’s performance favourably with (MC) cartridges selling at far higher cost …
Many MCs do not manage anything like the MusicMaker’s (Mk II) 30Cu figure nor do they give anything like its 4mV @ 5Cm/S.
It has a sheer listenability that few competitors combine in the same small body, and that sounds like a bargain at any price.”
Verdict ****
Richard White, HiFi World

…in fact, on all grounds the Mk III is a better cartridge than the Mk II. In particular, we gain greater clarity, lower noise floor level, faster dynamics and a better sense of space. It is really an excellent cartridge
E. Barker, TNT AUDIO

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