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The Cartridge Man Music Maker Classic Cartridge

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The Cartridge Man Music Maker Classic Cartridge

The Cartridge Man Music Maker Classic Cartridge

The Cartridge Man Music Maker Classic  £1,755

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“The Music Maker is the product of a steady programme of refinement, it has taken approximately fifteen years of development to create the Mk III version.

We have now moved on and made a rather dramatic change; enter The Cartridge Man Music Maker Classic Cartridge, which takes us another step closer to the original performance.

Instead of the high purity copper coils used in the Mk III we have substituted very pure silver (99.99%) coils and incorporated other changes; the result is a major step forward in analogue vinyl replay.” – The Cartridge Man

…The Classic’s balance of natural timbre, realistic stereophony, and simply spell-binding replication of the What and How of instrumental playing leads to a musically communicative immersion into the art of the music that is unparalleled in my 34-year history with phono cartridges…

…The MusicMaker Classic is the exemplar for communication of the artistic intent, musical expressiveness, and true-to-life sonic reproduction of musical performances. As such, its value is priceless. Its $1750 price, allied to the fact that ancillary components of roughly similar price will reveal its stupendous abilities, means that true music lovers will actually be able to own and experience it without the irrational “Soak the Rich” perversities of The High End.

…the MusicMaker Classic is a true masterpiece. It is a privilege to introduce this wonderful cartridge to all music lovers. It is a classic in all senses of the word.”
Paul Szabady, Stereo Times

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