Origin Live Silver Hybrid Interconnect Cable

Origin Live Silver Hybrid Interconnect Cable 1m pair  £535

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The Silver Hybrid Interconnect Cable

We have received a good number of favorable reviews on our cables dating back to the first cable product launched over 34 years ago. Although we place a low emphasis on promoting cables this does not mean we do not pour an almost insane amount of research into this area. 

The most significant reason for this research is that our tonearm performance benefits immensely from exceptional cable quality. Efforts to find other brand cables to include in our top of the range arms have invariably ended up with us designing something better (not copies).

The Origin Live Silver Hybrid external cable (£535) employed in our High End tonearms has so far outperformed all alternatives we have tried, and dealers tell us it betters well known brand cables at £4000.

As an experiment we recently tried Silver Hybrid cable as an interconnect and the results were so positive we decided to include it in the interconnect range. The first review published is by Hi Fi Advice – see below.

” I can’t praise this cable enough and perhaps the best part is that it costs approximately the same as the cable that it replaced. If ever there was a cable with an amazing cost/performance value, this is it.

While the Silver Hybrid cable majors on fluidity and free-flowing liquidity, it does not achieve this at the cost of precision, dynamics, neutrality or overall bass quality. It is also not a cable that beautifies music at the cost of transparency. With this cable, the Origin Live Calypso mk4 turntable positively sings. The music roars and surprises, it moves and involves. Not only does the music now sound more involving and emotional, but my inner bass lover is also entirely content > Read More.”
Christiaan Punter – HI FI ADVICE

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