Origin Live Linear Flow 2 MK2 External Tonearm Cable

Origin Live Linear Flow 2 MK2 External Tonearm Cable With 5 Din Pin £360

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“CONCLUSION:  The Origin Live SME cable provides a high degree of focus to the overall presentation. It’s almost as if a camera lens had been turned a touch to focus, the sound now reveals a clarity that the standard cable could never quite match. A great way to squeeze extra quality from the venerable SME design.” Read More – Full Review >
Paul Rigby (The Audiophile man)

“The new Linear Flow cable is phenomenal. I find it difficult to express just how significant the improvement it has made in all areas is. The music is tighter, more open and detailed, leading and trailing edges are more defined and the whole presentation is more life like and believable. This is without doubt the most significant upgrade at any cost point I have made to my system—ever.” Read More – Owner Comments >
Dr Stephen F. Worrall. MD, FRCS, FDSRCS.

I feel I cannot describe the vast improvements that have been added to every area of my system. Most people would not anticipate the level of upgrade to be made by just changing the output leads and arm tube. Thanks from a very satisfied customer.” Read More – Owner Comments >
Jon, Hampshire

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The Linear Flow 2 MK2 External Tonearm Cable

The influence of Linear Flow 2 interconnect yields truly spectacular improvements to every aspect of the music. Even inexpensive arms benefit enormously from this upgrade and the cost effectiveness is out of all proportion to expectations.

The cables are balanced and shielded, as well as 1.2m long to suit all systems. High grade silver phono plugs terminate the cable for plugging into your system and these alone make a substantial difference. This is a simple and easy upgrade to fit and carries a 3 week money back guarantee if ordered from Origin Live directly.