Choosing Hi-Fi / Audio Equipment

Importance of correct choice

This is a passion and enjoyment for some audio enthusiasts but if you simply love music and lack time, then aquiring a system that you can't wait to get home to listen to is dependent on the best guidance.. .

Choose carefully

Acquiring a serious sound system is a process that’s really worth getting right. Like buying a house, it is going to be with you for a long time. Those who invest in a better system, do so for good reason:

  • A highly realistic, natural sound will transform the experience of listening to music, watching films and television, or even playing games. It's like listening to the 1812 Overture live in a concert hall, then hearing it through a phone – there’s no comparison! A great hi-fi system captures the true scale and power of a performance that inferior systems simply miss. This enrichment of the listening experience adds quality to being at home in a way that nothing else can.
  • Better sound conveys reality even at a sub-conscious level. Most people don't realise that sound quality delivers a sense of heightened reality, even more than high definition or 3D visual mediums.
  • A good sound system adds style and reflects your discerning taste.
  • Excellent sound quality even has therapeutic effects which help people relax and unwind in a busy lifestyle.
  • If you have friends round, they will notice how much better favourite tracks sound and will enjoy themselves more. Exposure to a great system is a special experience.
  • Some people have upgraded everything else in their lives, and their sound system now lags well behind.
  • Music and TV sound quality is not one of those areas to skimp on as it can add more than most people are aware of. The old saying “you don't know , what you don't know” is rarely more true than in this area. It's also one of those investments which can last up to three or more decades and therefore not worth a rushing into. We promise to vastly enhance your enjoyment of music and video.

Ways to choose

Those new or unfamiliar with hi-fi tend to trust well known brand names such as Sony, Bose or Bang & Olufsen – popular mass-market brands which are great at what they do. But if sound quality is your priority, a different set of names figure in the minds of serious audio reviewers, ones which are more attuned to outright audio performance. There’s a whole new world of specialist high performance audio which is virtually unknown to most consumers.

Those Experienced with specialist high performance audio tend to make choices based on:

  • Live demonstrations – either at a dealer or at home
  • Specialist dealer advice, from people they respect and trust
  • Hi-fi magazine reviews – from trusted expertsWord of mouth from knowledgeable friends
  • Internet forums and owner feedback
  • Intuition – after speaking with manufacturers
If you’re interested in discovering more about buying the best hi-fi system you can afford, or simply upgrading or tweaking your existing one, then Origin Live is happy to help – on a friendly and informal basis. Our quarter century of experience in the industry puts us in a good place to advise prospective purchasers, and we ask nothing in return. Simply call us on 02380 578877 and we will be pleased to assist, or use our free online advisory service.


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