Oracle Turntable Delphini 2 motor & power supply upgrade

With the Origin Live DC Motor Upgrade

Oracle MK1 Modification Method

Parts to be supplied by Origin Live - Motor base plate 6mm thick x 100mm diameter and cork feet, 4 x M5 nuts, 4 off M5 brass washers, M5 x 110mm threaded bar + tall pulley (essential) Rectangular plate.


Oracle MK1.


Lift off sub-chassis over the 3 pillars.


Remove old motor assembly by unscrewing 3 Allen bolts on underside of plinth. You will need to prise off the 3 circlips from the 3 bolts in order to remove them completely.


Assemble motor mount as shown above using M5 threaded bar with M5 nuts to clamp motor base plate and motor plate to correct height.


Place plinth over motor such that motor is approx at centre of plinth cut out. Belt can subsequently be tensioned by moving the motor base.


View with platter in position.


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