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Headphones Introduction and Summary


In many ways you will find that headphones have significant advantages over normal speakers.

  • Firstly the better models produce a sound that equals or betters many very high end systems.
  • To top this, they are incredibly cost effective - An open backed set of audiophile headphones can equal a system costing more than 50 times as much.
  • They are fuss free as there is much less dependency on correct system matching involved.
  • Results are consistent as room acoustics don't come into play.


These factors make high grade headphones a worthwhile and exciting option for any serious music lover. To help you make the best choice, it is helpfull to understand the merits of the various types available. Headphones that entirely enclose the listeners ears are gaining popularity overin  ear types because they not only give you much better sound quality but also isolate you better from environmental noise.

To choose the best headphones for your needs, the main factors to consider are;

  • Sound Quality
  • Weight and comfort
  • Ability to exclude external noise
  • Potential disturbance to others in your vicinity

You will find figures to guide you on each of these factors in the specifications of most headphones, but to narrow down your choice initially it is best to consider 5 broad catagories summarised below and included on the side menu.



These are by far the best type in terms of pure audiophile performance. Very accurate and capable of real bass performance right down to 16Hz in some cases. This type gives a level of performance that would require over 15 times the cost to replicate using conventional speakers and amps.



These are the most popular type due to their all round virtues of decent sound quality and practicality of use in all environments.

Supplied with a wireless transmitter that you plug into your amplifier, these headphones allow you to roam free of an encumbering playback device.























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