The world of interconnect and loudspeaker cable designs are awash with theories and claims for breakthroughs on an amazing array of fanciful ideas. This has led to much scepticism. The eye watering prices charged for the more exotic brands give some indication of the fact that people do get big improvements by changing cables. However this has created a serious number of different brands. So much so, that it is hard for the better cables to ever receive the recognition they deserve. For example some of the world leaders in cable technology are only represented by a single shop in the UK or not at all!

Experienced Design:Origin Live started life as a cable design company and this has continued unabated for 25 years. Over this period we have received excellent reviews and feedback on our cables. Particularly so, in one of the most difficult areas, which is the low level signal transmission in tonearm cables.

The cables we offer, are born out of a wealth of experience and are rated very highly by international distributors who have heard the rest and are switching to us. The Litz cable in our Linear flow 2 cables is particularly different from the stranded cable offered by most companies. Litz is well known by those who have heard it, to be in an entirely different league to stranded wires due to extreme technical advantages. However this is not favoured by the industry, for the simple reason that you cannot simply cut it off the reel. It is a time consuming palaver to carry out the ending technique for each individual length and this kind of effort puts most dealers off as they have to carry specific lengths of wire already ended - I think you will see the difficulties here

Extensive range to suit those who demand highest performance for a given budget. Please give us a try. With our 30 day money back guarantee when you purchase direct you are safe from making those expensive "mistakes". Most people just wish they had found out about us sooner.






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