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  1. project-box-CD-Box-S-silver

    CD Box S - Project Box


    The CD Box S (as well as bigger CD Box DS model) from Pro-Ject Box Design has been created exclusively to play "Red Book", standard audio CDs. It's construction and meticulous design is such that it excels in this discipline. In addition to a high-quality, durable drive that is essential for optimal CD playback, the CD Box S also has s servo control optimized for audio playback.

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  2. project-box-CD-Box-DS-silver

    CD Box DS - Project Box


    The CD Box DS is a high end CD player designed for dedicated play back of the “Red Book Standard” of audio CD developed by Philips.
    Built with a high quality, durable CD drive that is controlled by a Blue Tiger Servo board, the CD Box DS is designed to read CDs perfectly without need for any error correction and minimal jitter. The CD Box DS’s on board D/A converter boasts a Burr Brown 24-bit/192kHz chip, with eight-times oversampling that delivers a true high end quality for play back of your CDs.
    An easy to read high contrast dot matrix and a handy credit card remote make the CD Box DS simple and a joy to use.

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  3. project-box-CD-Box-RS-black

    CD Box RS – Project Box


    The CD Box RS is a superlative top-loading CD transport that is built around the premium Blue Tiger CD-100 servo system, which is designed to handle 24-bit/192kHz FLAC playback.
    The CD Box RS is an elegant device that uses a stylish functional top-loading gravity design and a convenient magnetic clamp. Additional weight at the bottom of the casing draws unwanted vibrations away from the playing surface, while advanced suspension system allows for a playing disc to spin true

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  4. A8500-cd-player-puresound

    A8500 CD Player - Puresound


    The puresound A8500 CD Player was developed as a high quality source to be used with the puresound range of amplifiers. It can also be used in a wide variety of other systems with great success.
    The A8500 is built around the SONY 213Q high precision mechanism, renowned for both its stability and reliability. The Cirrus systems CS4398A 24 Bit 192KHz D/A converter handles the data stream, which, once converted, is filtered using OPA2604 Op amps.

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  5. Shanling CD-T2000 CD Player

    Shanling CD-T2000 CD Player


    When we come across a truly exceptional product, it is selected to offer for audition. The Shanling above is one of these products. The Shanling CD-T2000 CD player is one of the best we have heard at its price point. Unbelievable value for money, excellent performance and fabulous aesthetics that make for an eyecatching piece of art in any room.
    The predecessor (the legendary CD-T100) of this latest model had great reviews and the valves gave it an utterly exceptional midband presence with uncanny transparency.  The new model retains this quality but has improved the bass to the point where the tonal balance is faultless. Music flows effortlessly and with a sense of naturalness and speed not found on solid state models (which have an electronic graininess when compared).     

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