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Turntable & Tonearm Upgrades Overview

Upgrading your current deck or tonearm is a sensible option if you want a massive improvement in sound quality and are restrained by budget. It is also a preferred option for those who wish to keep their equipment simply because they have grown attached to it or enjoy its particular presentation of music.


Why choose Origin Live? Origin Live have built up a wealth of experience by upgrading many brands of deck and tonearm, with over 20 years experience. We understand the difference between something that just sounds different to something that sounds much better. This is borne out by our leading reputation for delivering outstanding results with astonishingly high value for money. There is no substitute for front line experience in knowing what works and doesn't - in a relatively crowded market we offer solutions that have been tried and tested against the best at many times the price.

How we offer value for money? High performance need not always cost the earth and for those on tight budgets we achieve high value through better design, economies of scale, in house manufacture, and high quality materials rather than the cheaper untested choices used in many products.

Specific Deck Upgrades

Linn LP12 Upgrades

For Linn LP12 upgrades please follow this link for full details:
See - Linn LP12


Technics SL1200/1210

For Technics SL1200/1210 upgrades please follow this link for full details: See - The Ultimate Technics Deck


 Universal Deck and Arm Upgrades

Tonearm Upgrade (changing your arm)

Origin Live tonearms offer a huge step up when fitted to either budget or high end decks and give you significant savings whilst rewarding you with skyrocketing performance.


Motor / Power Supply Upgrade for ALL belt drive decks

Offers massive improvements for all belt driven turntables  This is not only a leading power supply but the upgrade includes an all important, superior DC Motor


 Platter Mat Upgrade

This award winning mat is almost fundamental in achieving a low cost, high value upgrade.


 Isolation Feet

Origin Live replacement feet & special pads are an excellent upgrade for audio equipment such as turntables, CD players, and amplifiers.


 Upgrade Belt

The humble belt involves much more than you might initialy expect. We have put a lot of research into producing a belt with significantly better performance than normal.


 Complete Turntable Upgrade

If you want a complete change of deck then you can do no better than check out the range that we offer.


 Turntable Oil

Origin Live Turntable Oil is probably THE Best Oil available for turntables. Our quest to design the perfect bearing has meant trying literally hundreds of oils and additives over the last 20 years.


 Rega Tonearm Modifications

If you have a Rega arm it can be massively upgraded using our rear stub and counterweight modification along with re-wiring. Brilliant reviews endorse this course of action.

Rega RB250


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