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Origin Live Platter Glide turntable oil

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Turntable Oil that makes a real difference

"I found a definite improvement in sonics after using this, with both low level detail and musicality improving noticeably - the sound just seemed smoother and more natural. Highly commended then! "

- HiFi Choice, July 2012 Full review

Origin Live’s special Turntable Oil is one of the very best such products, specially selected after trying many hundreds of oil and additive combinations over the past two decades. Its very low friction and ideal viscosity ensure very low noise and ultra low bearing wear. Probably the finest oil on sale for this specific application, it should not however be used with decks which have inverted main bearings, or bearings where the platter spindle is not immersed in oil (such as the Technics SL-1200).

Most of us are highly sceptical about claims for a turntable oil and rightly so. There are many oils on the market that do little or nothing to enhance performance.

However it is estimated that you could easily spend an extra £200 to £500 on a cartridge and not get the level of improvement possible by changing to Origin Live bearing oil - why is this?

The most important component in your bearing: Most people realise the importance of a "good" precision bearing for a turntable. The theory is that your bearing needs to be vibration free and frictionless - in reality bearings suffer from a multitude of low level vibration modes and non audible " noise" which is clearly measurable. When you recognise that this noise and movement is amplified 8000 times by your cartridge and amplifier, these factors suddenly become absolutely critical to obtain advanced performance.

What is not generaly realised is that the type of Oil used in the bearing is usually the most influential component of the entire assembly. It is logical to assume that a turntable manufacturer has carefully researched the oil to use in his particular design and to depart from this is risky. The truth is that there are thousands of Oils and additives on the market which means that the research necessary is well beyond the time constraints of most manufacturers. As a result, turntable oils are quite frankly nothing special and neither do they receive much attention - they do the job of protecting the bearing and lowering friction but the massive scope for performance improvement goes on unrealised - that is until now.

Record deck Bearing Oil influences sound quality:Origin Live oil will simply improve every aspect of your music. Treble in particular undergoes a transformation in purity and voices have increased realism and presence. Other obvious improvements include increased transparency and detail with less masking.Transient speed is increased most noticably in the bass which does not "lag" behind as it does with other oils. These are the sort of things you would expect from a bearing that rotates much more smoothly with less friction.

The fundamentals of a perfect turntable oil: Your bearing needs an oil particularly specified for the particular conditions that exist in a turntable bearing which are completely different to something like engine oil. In particular it must have extremely strong protective film strength along with ultra low friction. The results of such an oil are spectacular in terms of sound quality.

Proven performance: We claim an improvement over all known turntable brand oils or your money back. The special oil offered is technicaly proven to reduce friction, bearing noise and vibration significantly. So much so that Hi Fi News magazine found one of our bearings to produce the lowest noise level they have EVER measured on any turntable bearing.

Works on all decks: Owners of all types of deck have reported great results from using Origin Live Oil - Examples include, Linn LP12s with their tightly toleranced PTFE liners, inverted bearings with spiral grooves, metal to metal bearings etc

What about additives? Various claims are made about graphite, molybdenum, ptfe etc and it is easy to be misled by theoretical ideas which are just that - great in theory! We have actually exhaustively tested countless mixes and combinations to discover that these additives do not provide the answers to the ultimate turntable oil.The basic problem with additives is that they are designed to cope with metal to metal contact in environments like a car engine - the wrong additives in a turntable bearing are counterproductive for various reasons although they may slightly improve what is a non optimal oil in the first place.

A great investment: The performance increase delivered by this highly specialist oil means that it is easily worth £100 per bottle in terms of sound quality improvement. We invite you to put this to the test at a mere £9.99 with our money back guarantee and you can start enjoying new levels of performance.

Origin Live Turntable Bearing Oil suits all decks such as: Ariston, Basis, Clearaudio, Kuzma, Linn LP12, Manticore, Oracle, Project, Rega, Rock, Systemdeck, Thorens, Voyd, VPI, Well tempered.


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  1. Very happy again! Review by Rob

    Today the ordered oil came with the mail and after cleaning out the bearing (not much oil was left after the last change about four years ago) of my Aurora Gold, I filled it up with the oil
    Gobsmacked...bass is back, detail is much increased, it is as if the stylus sails that much more effortlessly through the grooves. Some old and worn records that I had given up on came to life again, sounding marvellous! Very happy again! (Posted on 28/09/2016)

  2. highly recomended Review by Juergen

    With my old Thorens Td 320 Mk II :All is more quiet , smooth , natural sounding . Very fine upper frequencies and well defined bass . Voices are so natural . (Posted on 24/07/2016)

  3. Oil DOES make a difference Review by phil carter

    Bought a secondhand Aurora Gold supplied without oil.I used a fully synthetic bearing oil I had on the shelf,as recommended by a very expensive car manufacturer,whilst waiting for Origin Live oil to arrive.
    After oil change it was as though the window I was looking through had been cleaned.This stuff really does work. (Posted on 19/05/2013)

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