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appreciation Review by Mitch
The cello is my favourite instrument, a human voice, which, together with the double bass, allows expression of finer bass subtilties and emotions than percussion and other instruments . It was the cello which primarily captured my attention, immediately re-directed to other instruments, I think because the low tones seemed perhaps to have too much weight. The treble tones were clearer, sharp,real, the mid-range also, and my next thought was that the balance to which I was accustomed was wrong. In an orchestral, and particularly in a solo context, the cello is an instrument difficult to integrate and record. I concluded rapidly that I was possibly listening to the best rendition of classical music ( Albinoni ) ever from my system. So, I hastened to test this possibility by playing my favourite cello concerto in A major by Carl Philippe Emanuel Bach, soloist Thomas Blees, perhaps the best recording ever of the cello, played by an absolute master. It is so beautiful I own to a gentle tear as I listen and write.
And embarassment as I conclude!
You can read that I was not disappointed, and,also, between the lines, that this script is an unsolicited testimonial.
The mat may be the one single best step in a continuing striving for improvement, thousands of pounds cheaper than some others I have made, and of similar magnitude!
My thanks and congratulations to Origin Live.
John Mitchell (Posted on 07/03/2017)
I don't believe in miracles Review by JB
However, having replaced my aged entry-level Ringmat with this OL turntable mat I have to confess I am a believer :-) Once I adjusted the VTA on my SME IV and dropped the Sumiko Blackbird on to the vinyl waiting expectantly on the Garrard 301 I quickly realised that everything about this £40 upgrade is indeed true. Much bigger soundstage, both left to right and top to bottom, increased depth and greater clarity all round - bit like fine focus on a camera lens. The litmus test for me is that I'm staying up well past my bedtime revisiting old favourites and very much enjoying what I'm hearing. Highly recommended! (Posted on 21/04/2016)
A new Concert Room Review by Philippe
Good morning,

I ear only classical records;

My system is an old THORENS TD 320,with THORENS arm TP 16 MK IV (The last version).

The cartridge is a REGA EXACT model .
Sure,this model is not the best for this arm,It is musical,no agressive sound,a good live reproduction;

The amplifier is NAD C 325 BEE,with VAN DAMME cable betweel pre &and amp,parts.

The prephono is a PROJECT AUDIO TUBE II SE-+

Louspeakers are ROGERS GS3 bookshelves over a paar of 80 cm Millemium feets; with bi cable SOMMERCABLE ORBIT 240 MKii 4 and 2,5 mm

Interconnects are VAN DAMME.

My little room is only 10 m with a good acoustic( no echo)

Very important for me,and I like,I ear NEAR FIELD,and i am a meloman,; no a audiophile.

With this new platter,it's very simple:


NOW, it's A GREAT ROOM,large,deep, so music is easy.

Each instrument become real,with is really sound,

AND,i ear always witm closed eyes, also in real concert,solist or,great symphonic orchestra.


I 'm living in FRANCE,62 years old,and handy,with a very bad Englis language,Sorry (Posted on 12/04/2016)
Finaly an upgrade that works Review by Steve
The mat has just arrived, many thanks, all you claims for the mat are right on the money, noticed the improvements immediately, tauter bass with reduced overhang, more open and clearer midrange and in the treble HiHats actually sound like they're made of metal, I think you've saved me the money I would have spent on a cartridge upgrade. Finally an upgrade that works.
Best regards
(Posted on 07/09/2013)
Very Happy Review by Laurent
I received The platter mat today .Absolutely perfect ! A real good surprise .I was not
expecting such an improvement on my turntable ! but there is one and a real good one !as I can not change the mat on my turntable
because it's part of the platter, I just put yours straight above mine ,even if it's not "ideal" I can really hear the positive difference .
I'm very happy and ,for such a low price ,I can say it's a real bargain! I won't miss to come back to you for further orders as soon as I need something else. Congratulations and my best regards to you
A bientôt
(Posted on 07/09/2013)
Quality Upgrade Review by drrsutliff
After discussions about upgrades for my Aurora Mk2 deck with Mark he recommended both the mat and transformer upgrade. The mat was tried first and I was surprised at the noticeable positive effect that it provided. There was an enhanced sound stage with everything a little better focused. The addition of the upgraded transformer moved the table in a drastically better direction, but that is for another review. Highly recommended! (Posted on 04/06/2013)
Upgrade Platter Mat Review by skimmity
This is an incredible product. The difference in sound quality is noticeable when you place the mat upon your platter. The mat affords a deeper stereo image, with enhanced tonal resonance. For a seemingly innocuous piece of card board - the results are truly amazing.This mat would be still worth the price if it was double the asking price. This Upgrade Platter Mat is worth the investment, so buy it and be amazed. 30 out 10. Truly superb. (Posted on 19/05/2013)
Stellar Review by phil carter
Another superb product from origin live.
Improves all aspects of musical enjoyment.Havind tried it on both Rega Planar2 and Origin Live Aurora Gold with Audio Research valve amplification and Nad 3155 amp it improves things regardless of system components.
This is a MUST buy even my wife who is very cynical thought I had revalved the Audio Research's (Posted on 18/05/2013)

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