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The first record cleaning machine ever produced was manufactured in the UK by Keith Monks. This tradition has been continued to the extent that all our top recommendations for record cleaning machines are built by UK companies. There are good reasons why the Loricraft and Keith Monks machines stand alone as the best machines on the market in spite of ultra sonics, full automation etc. They are the only machines we are aware of, that do not re-contaminate your records with traces of mould release agent!

Cleaning Fluid is also crucial and there is only one that we can recommend safely - the L'Art du Son fluid. This will not damage your records, will increase their performance like no other and clean them properly.

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  1. L'Art-Du-Son-Cleaning-Fluid

    L'Art Du Son Cleaning Fluid


    This is THE record cleaning fluid to use for significant performance increase and to avoid damage to your records - "I strongly recommend L'Art du Son Record Cleaning Liquid. One bottle should last about three years for the typical audiophile." THE MUSIC. COM

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  2. Zerostat-3-by-Milty

    Milty Zerostat 3 - Anti-static Gun


    A lifelong lasting alternative to a record cleaning brush.The Zerostat uses jets of charged particles to remove static, and noticeably improves quality of records and cds.

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  3. JA-Michell-Unicover

    JA Michell Unicover


    An essential product to keep your turntable and arm dust free!

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  4. Henleys-Record-Washer-System-MkII-Turntable-cleaning

    Spin Clean Record Washer MkII


    The Spin-Clean record washing system removes deeply embeded fine dust from records in a new and inventive way, enabling users to clean both sides of their records at once, without using the turntable as a cleaning platform. With the Spin-Clean® record washing system, you'll help preserve your precious records and stylus.

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  5. Moth Record Cleaning Machine MK2

    Moth Record Cleaning Machine MK2

    The Moth record cleaning Machine works by sucking the washed surface of your records dry. Learn More & order online
  6. Loricraft-Record-Cleaning-Machine-PRC3

    Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine PRC3 MK4


    The prestigious Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine range provide a fantastic addition to any audiophile's set-up. Very quiet and need a minimum effort to clean records effectively. This is the single pump version - higher versions in the range offer higher suction which can save souble cleaning of very dirty or difficult records.

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  7. Loricraft-Record-Cleaning-Machine-PRC4

    Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine PRC4


    The prestigious Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine range provide a fantastic addition to any audiophile's set-up. Very quiet and need a minimum effort to clean records effectively. This version is a double pump version

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  8. Loricraft-Record-Cleaning-Machine-PRC6

    Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine PRC6


    The prestigious Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine range provide a fantastic addition to any audiophile's set-up. The powerfull point source vacuum is almost totaly silent in operation, making this the quietest machine on the market. It is one of the few machines that will totally clean your records without re-contamination and needs a minimum effort to clean records effectively.

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  9. Vinyl-Passion-Dust-Buster

    Vinyl Passion Dust Buster


    The VP Dust Buster offers the finest protection for your Stylus Increasing its Life by up to 1000 hours. Very Easy To Use.........Your VP Dust Buster will give many years of trouble free service and keep both your Stylus and Vinyl in pristine condition

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  10. Decca-Deram-Record-Brush

    Decca Deram Record Brush


    A single row of carbon fibres that clean your record. One of the best brushes available!

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  11. Permaclean-Kit-By-Milty

    Milty Permaclean Kit


    Permaclean is a remarkable cleaning system that rapidly removes a limited number of contaminates from vinyl records, CDs and DVDs - from dust and grit to greasy fingerprints! It should be noted that this will not achieve the level of cleanliness produced by a proper record cleaning machine

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  12. Loricraft-Nylon-Cleaning-Brush

    Loricraft Nylon Cleaning Brush

    This Cleaning brush is specifically designed for wet cleaning of records. In order to get cleaning fluid to lift dirt from the grooves it helps to agitate the fluid which is exactly what this brush does. Learn More & order online
  13. Loricraft-Goat-Hair-Cleaning-Brush

    Loricraft Goat Hair Cleaning Brush

    This brush is specifically designed to keep your records lean in between playing. Only used dry, it removes loose fluff and dust that can attach itself by static to your records. Learn More & order online
  14. Loricraft-Cleaning-Thread
  15. Milty Record-Brush

    Milty Record Brush


    Removes unwanted dust, dirt or small particles from your vinyl record whilst reducing any static charges.

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  16. Super-Exstatic-Disc-Cleaning-Brush-Vinyl

    Super Exstatic Disc Cleaning Brush for Vinyl


    The Milty Pro Super Exstatic disc cleaner is a highly effective solution to grime and dust inside the record groove. 

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  17. Milty-permaclean-refill

    Milty Permaclean Refill


    The Milty Permaclean refill is a special dust, grit and grease removing fluid to be used with the Milty Permaclean kit. Suitable for cleaning vinyl records, CDs and DVDs - keep your collection spick and span with Milty Permaclean.

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