Rega Tonearm Counterweight Modification

Rega tonearm counterweights can be modified to massively upgrade the performance. It is difficult to appreciate why a mechanical modification to the Rega counterweight and rear stub should have such an enormous influence on your cartridge performance, so the reasons for this phenomenon are explained on our tonearm "overview" page. Before going further please read this section.

One Cause of Unwanted Vibration in Rega tonearms

As the cartridge stylus negotiates its tortuous way through your record grooves it sends shock waves down the arm tube. What happens to these shock-waves normally? - Some of the energy is transmitted down into the deck, but much of it meets the Rega counterweight structure and is reflected back down the Rega arm tube to the cartridge - this is highly detrimental for good sound quality due to the facts outlined in the overview page.

There is a secondary reason why the rear end of Rega tonearms is an extremely critical area - The Rega counterweights represent by far the highest mass in the arm and affects the Rega tonearms performance in ways that are hard to imagine. The Rega counterweight is excited into resonance by the motion of the arm. This means that it should be decoupled and yet also remain rigid to the tonearm (to avoid introducing other problems). The beauty of the Origin Live, Rega tonearm modification is that it acts as a shock absorber, for waves traveling down the arm from the cartridge and it also acts to de-couple the Rega counterweight, whilst maintaining rigidity

e.g. - Why the structural upgrade works wonders

The upgrade involves removing the Rega rear stub. This stub is just screwed into the end of the rega arm - far from ideal! Origin Live  replace the old Rega stub with a new stub. The new stub is torqued onto the arm by a thin high tensile bolt. The new stub is also designed such that it presents a low contact area onto the Rega arm tube and is therefore decoupled, yet far more rigid than the original. This change also allows the new counterweight to be rigidly clamped onto the new stub using an Allen bolt. Incidentally it does no good at all to bolt the counterweight to a standard Rega stub due to the vibration characteristics of the Rega stub joint.  The Origin Live modification elevates a Rega tonearm into the same league as the lower super arms and at an insignificant outlay.


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