Upgrade to Rega RB300 & RB250

“With its superior bearing arrangement and no tracking force spring to add resonance’s, it’s a true giant killer. It has all the dynamic power and seismic bass of a £2000 super arm but costs a fraction to buy. With Origin Live’s rewiring, it’s one of the best arms money can buy and no less a bargain.”

"I have to say the Rega upgrades turn this humble arm into a real Giant killer. Gone is the rather grey, sterile sound of the cooking Rega. Instead, tonal colour is fresh, dynamics have great speed and impact, and the sound stage is huge."

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 Upgrades to RB250

"The overall musical and sonic performance of the Origin Live RB250 is simply astounding. Considering its sub-$500 price, the only appropriate reaction is to yell, ‘Eureka!’ The Origin Live upgrade of the RB250 appears to be the new giant-killer."

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 Upgrades on RB250

"If you have any…Rega RB250 or 300, dismount the arm and send it off for the mods NOW. You have no idea what you are missing."

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  Structural Upgrade on RB250

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 Owner Comments

"The modification and Litz rewire is excellent. The sound-stage is 50 per cent bigger. The clarity of the sound is much improved. Well worth the cost involved. My friend who reassembled the arm on to my Systemdeck turntable assures me that the combination is now equal to his Linn Sondek."

P. James, Birmingham

"I would like to congratulate Mark Baker and the rest of the staff at Origin Live for their excellent sounding structural modification and rewiring of my Rega RB300 arm. The sound wrought by these changes is quite amazing. The soundstage is much wider and deeper with a greater delineation of space around voices and instruments and with the heavyweight RB250 counterweight that you sent me, bass depth and definition greatly increased. The sound is also more vivid and involving and where confusion once reigned there is now a coherence and listenability that has me pulling out record after record hearing things that I somehow missed before. Again, congratulations and thank you."

Edward Ramos, Washington D.C.

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