Astute 12 Subwoofer

Astute 12 Subwoofer


MJ Acoustics Pro 50 MKIII Subwoofer

Astute 12-S Subwoofer

Single, Self Powered, Top Specification

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Astute subwoofer 12

To complement the Astute 8 we have introduced the Astute subwoofer 12. This extends the frequency range of the system down to 30hz (-3dB) providing thunderous lows while retaining near perfect speed and accuracy.

At the heart of this design is an ultra low distortion, high efficiency woofer providing great control and musicalty. With carefully optimised cabinet and driver design, the subwoofer integrates seamlessly with the Astute 8s, or any other loudspeaker of your choice.


The amplifier module powering this subwoofer is a Class D design that provides RMS power of 550w, with peaks in excess of 1Kw. The massive headroom in the amplifier allows breathtaking dynamics and unsurpassed performance, critical to your enjoyment of the music.

The Subwoofer also features variable gain, +/- 180 phase control, variable crossover (50-150hz), and variable parametric EQ. These allow you to tune the subwoofer perfectly to any room, and any taste.

Inputs to the Subwoofer 12 are either XLR or RCA (either stereo or mono).


System Specifications


Astute 8
Astute Subwoofer 12
Standard Finish Acrylic front and leather finish cabinet Acrylic front and leather finish cabinet
Cabinet Size 300mm diameter x 300mm deep 400mm diameter x 460mm deep

8” woofer and co-axial 1" compression driver tweeter

12" ultra low distortion woofer
Frequency Response +/- 3dB 100Hz - 21kHz +/- 3dB 30Hz - 150Hz
Crossover Point 1.8kHz Variable

Sensitivity passive (2.83V/1m ) 

Sensitivity Active (2.83V/1m)


HF: 110dB LF: 95dB

0.335v Input sensitivity

Nominal impedance 8 Ohms N/A
Power handling 250 Watts RMS 550 W RMS / 1100 W Program
Max. SPL (1m) 118dB 115dB


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