Moth Record Cleaning Machine

This improved record cleaning machine improves on the MK1 versions by allowing bi-directional cleaning and better vacuum function.

"You must buy this machine!"

"I cannot see how the performance of the Moth could be bettered"

TNT Audio

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Why a record cleaning machine when there are cleaning fluids available? The answer is simply that no matter how good the washing and scrubbing carried out to clean your records, there is always a residue of dirt left deep down in the tiny grooves of the record. Brushes are simply not fine enough to reach down inside these grooves - washing with running fluid will not shift the dirt either. The Moth record cleaning machine solves this problem by vacuuming out the dirt from the grooves resulting in a properly cleaned record without the potential damage or ineffectiveness incurred with other methods.

"Before I begin this review I think it important to make a few things plain about this machine.

  1. If you have lots, say 500+, records.
  2. If you ever buy second hand records.
  3. If your house has any dust at all ?

Wow! - What a statement, and one I doubt if I'll ever make again. I suppose I'd better justify this otherwise my credibility, as TNT's cheapskate, will go out of the window. Firstly this machine is, as far as I know, unique in that it is available as a kit for around 200 pounds sterling or ready made for 400 pounds. To put that in perspective, as if I needed to, that's the cost of a decent second hand LP12/Ittok or 400 records from a car boot sale."

TNT Audio

The MKII version of the machine allows for bi-directional operation of the   turntable in both the fluid application 'Wash' cycle and in the vacuum 'Drying'   phase. The vacuum tube has been modified to allow for the new two way movement   and to offer a more efficient vacuum system. A full size dark acrylic lid is   fitted to the MKII Moth Record Cleaning machine. A version of the Moth RCM MKII   will be made available in the very popular Kit form, complete in all parts with   the exception of the enclosure. Plans are provided for the construction of the   housing from 15mm plastic laminated construction board. The Moth Record Cleaning   machine will continue to be made available in its original form in both built   and in Kit versions.

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