Illustrious MK4 9.5 inch (239mm) Tonearm (Default Standard Length)

"The best tonearm I've heard to date ....brilliantly detailed yet utterly musical, this arm is set to join the ranks of the all time greats. Wholeheartedly recommended..."

- David Price- HiFi World full review

 "...and the winner is... the Origin Live Illustrious, a pick up arm that is quite simply breathtaking."

Albert Lee - Hi-Fi World (Group comparison test of 7 tonearms) full review
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Ground-breaking design is behind the astonishing performance of the Illustrious arm. This award winning arm has been highly acclaimed as a true performance leader. The outstanding features that yield this are similar to the Encounter and are listed as follows.


Hybrid arm tube composed of 5 materials has better energy dissapating qualities and higher rigidity than the Encounter, yielding increased transparency, dynamics and bass performance.

Ultra low friction dual pivot bearings yield vastly increased clarity and sweet, precise treble free from smearing.

Floating vertical bearings decouple the armtube from the deck and prevents it adding colour to the sound.

High strength aircraft alloy headshell for increased dynamics.

High grade internal Litz cable with Pure copper bullet plugs on upgrade external cable for reduced signal degradation.

For fitting guidance see arm fitting

We suggest you order a stylus force gauge £8 to set tracking force if you don't have one.

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