Zephyr 12" armtube option

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Alliance 12" armtube option

Conqueror 12" tube option

suffice to say that this is one of the very best tonearms yet made by anybody, and more importantly, it’s not voiced in a madcap, no-compromise way that prohibits it from pleasing only some of the people some of the time. Rather, the Conqueror is an immensely useable, versatile, realworld tool that works brilliantly no
matter what programme material you use or which partnering equipment.The best praise of all is to say that it’s a truly ‘fit it and forget’ design – whatever you play, it just dissolves away...
Arguably the very best tonearm yet made – a startlingly capable all rounder with none of the vices or quirks of rival super-arms.

- HiFi World full review

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The Conqueror arm design is simply light years ahead of it’s time. Incorporating idealistic principles translated into engineering practice, the arm delivers a level of performance that is absolutely extraordinary.

Most noticable is the increase in presence, clarity and focus. Bass is even more defined and rock solid than the superlative Illustrious. Vocals take on total realism and freedom from any confusion. Imaging is also noticably better than the lower arms in the range. Why is the arm so good? Not only are the highly successful features of the Illustrious present but a number of new ideas are included that add a great deal to the performance.


Hybrid arm tube composed of 5 materials has better energy dissapating qualities and higher rigidity than the Illustrious tube, yielding increased transparency, dynamics and bass performance

Ultra low friction dual pivot bearings yield vastly increased clarity and sweet, precise treble free from smearing.

Floating vertical bearings decouple the armtube from the deck and prevent it adding colour to the sound.

High strength aircraft alloy headshell for increased dynamics

External Linear Flow 2 arm cable, fully balanced and 95% shielded is up with the very best of expensive external cables at 3 times the price and delivers improvements to every aspect of the sound.

Pure copper WBT nextgen RCA phono plugs are among of the highest quality available to provide a precise, tight electrical connection that eliminates signal degradation.

  • Highest grade materials are used throughout.
  • Dual pivot bearing design. Dual pivot explained
  • Very high strength arm tube with low resonance and high torsion resistance.
  • High lateral inertial yoke with low vertical movement inertial to improve tracking and dynamics.

For fitting guidance see arm fitting

We suggest you order a stylus force gauge £8 to set tracking force if you don't have one

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