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DC300 Motor Alone

DC200 Motor Alone

DC200 Turntable Motor Option - nearly doubles the torque of the DC100 with smoother operation to yield significant improvement.
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DC200 Motor - All kits are supplied with the DC100 motor as standard, however the DC200 motor is offered as an option.

The latest DC200 are double the Torque of DC100 motors and have the added advantages of smoother and quieter operation . This translates into a significantly more dynamic sound with obvious improvement to all aspects of music.

The latest DC200 motor is included in our Aurora Turntable and is easily identified by it's side label "DC200". If you have an Aurora and wish to check this then simply unscrew the 3 outer button allen bolts of the top plate and lift it to see the motor.

Latest specification DC200 motors are a drop in replacement for all older motors and dead easy for you  to fit if you want a major upgrade.

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