DC100 Motor Alone (includes pulley)

DC100 Motor Alone (includes pulley)


Fully Balanced Upgrade Transformer Alone

DC200 Motor Alone (LSC Only, Includes Pulley)

DC200 Turntable Motor Option - This motor is only suitable for Origin Live Turntables which have the Light speed controller. It nearly doubles the torque of the DC100 with smoother operation to yield significant improvement.
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DC200 Motor (Only for Decks with the Light Speed Controller)

The DC200 record player motor is smoother, quieter and double the power (Torque) of the DC100. Subjectively you hear more power in the music with bass in particular gaining in slam, depth and resolution. Dynamics and resolution across all frequencies improve along with all other aspect of music. This is a massive upgrade.

If you already own a dc motor kit and wish to order individual items see Spares and upgrades


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