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Pro-Ject's Dock Boxes are the ideal solution to making the iPod part of an audiophile hi-fi system. Dock Boxes act like a perfect buffer amp for the iPod, lowering the distortion level significantly. After passing an initial amplifier section, the signal is transferred to the hi-fi system with an impedance lower than 15 ohms. This guarantees trouble-free signal transmission with ultra-flat frequency response and offers the best, most cost-effective way to build an audio system around an iPod.

The 'Fi' model stands for 'Fixed' and is the audiophile version with a fixed volume level, which is intended to be incoporporated into any existing hi-fi system

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Key Features:
Discrete audio buffer 
SMD for shortest signal-paths 
Video output
Flat frequency response 20Hz-20kHz 
Includes remote for playback control 
Charging capability for iPods and iPhones via 30-pin connector 
USB output for iTunes connection

Technical Data:
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Line-Level Output: 1 Pair RCA/Phono Sockets
Output Impedance: 15Ω Output Voltage: 1Vrms
USB-Output: 5 Pole mini (B) jack - cable supplied 
USB Signal: 1.1 Protocol
Operating Systems: Windows XP®, Vista®, 7® & 8® Mac OS®
Video Output: S-Video Socket 
Outboard PSU: 18V/500mA
DC Power Consumption: 300mA
DC Max. Power Consumption Is Not Constant.
Replacement Battery R/C: 1 x CR2025 / 3V
Dimensions W x H x D
(With Sockets): 103 x 36 x 104 (109)mm 
Weight: 585g (Without PSU) 

Q: What can be done withr USB connection on the back of Dock Box?
A: USB socket of Dock Box Vi or Fi is intended to connect a computer to an Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad music player, when connected to Dock Box. You can synchronize your Apple player with iTunes on your computer, without the need of removing it from the Dock Box.

Q: What is the use of S-Video connection on the back of Dock Box?
A: Some iPods are able to display video, therefore the S-video connection can be connected to a monitor or TV. Usually picture quality is not sufficient on bigger displays.

Q: Can this item work with the iPhone 5?
A: Unfortunately the iPhone 5 is shipped with a lightning connector, not the old-style 30-pin connection. This makes it incompatible with the Pro-Ject Dock Box S Fi. You can however use a lightning adaptor for the two devices to communicate.

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