PSU1 Upgrade Power Supply


12" Tonearm mounting instead of standard 9.5" (Aurora and Calypso orders)

Dual Armboard with Aurora or Calypso (instead of single armboard)

Origin Live Dual Armboard
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Origin Live Dual Armboard

The dual armboard allows 2 Origin Live or Rega arms to be fitted to the deck. Reasons for this are as below:

  • If you have dirty or damaged records you can play them through a cheap cartridge without needing to keep changing cartridge.
  • You may have 2 cartridges for particular applications such as a mono cartridge for mono records.
  • If you set up the arms for different record thicknesses it avoids needing to keep adjusting the vta.
  • Dealers use them to enable quick comparisons of different tonearms with the same cartridge.
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