Origin Live Linear Flow 2 "Shielded" Interconnect Cable

Origin Live Ultra Interconnect Cable

Origin Live Ultra Interconnect Cable

Origin Live Advanced Interconnect Cable

"...Imaging was good...overall tonal balance was excellent...the sound was one that would be easy to live with, day in, day out - confirming the claim for system friendliness."

- Hi-Fi World, May 2001 on Advanced Interconnect

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Origin Live Advanced Interconnect cables deliver a well balanced, non fatiguing sound. They are capable of making a significant improvement to your system at an affordable level. The outstanding benefits are neutrality, good bass performance, imaging and musicality.

All cables are offered with a no quibble money back guarantee if not impressed - this means you can be sure of the upgrade free from risk.


  • Highly neutral and very system friendly.
  • Well defined bass and excellent overall tonal balance.


  • Well specified co-axial cable
  • Stranded copper conductors
  • High quality phono plugs - twice the conductivity of gold plated brass.
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