Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine PRC4

Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine PRC3 MK4

The prestigious Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine provides a fantastic addition to any audiophile's set-up. Advantages include the very best cleaning possible, quietness and ease of operation . This is the single pump version - higher versions in the range offer higher suction which can save soluble cleaning of very dirty or difficult records.

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Loricraft PRC3 Record Cleaning Machine

Loricraft are one of the very few record cleaning machines to offer genuine freedom from re-contaminating records during the cleaning process  - The PRC3 includes a number of significant advantages over other brands, such as more reliable suction for thorough cleaning and quietness of operation. Low noise levels may not sound of major significance but sitting beside the noise that many machines emmit while they clean records soon becomes unpleasant and intrusive.


These are one of the only record cleaning machines to clean just a few grooves at a time which translates into a much more thorough cleaning operation. It is also probably more gentle on the record surface than other methods.

The motors are continuously rated, unlike some machines where the motors get hot and are not really suited for continuous operation.

The PRC3 is a fully professional record cleaning machine used by record shops, collectors, and discerning audiophiles world-wide. It has a large, very quiet pump which is mounted externally in its own box. This can be placed up to a couple of metres away, even in a cupboard for almost silent running. This is usefull in re-mastering studios. The de-lux version has real wood veneers in Maple, along with a lid.

This double box design has long been considered by a large number of users to be the "state of the art machine". It can clean 16 inch diameter 78 rpm discs and one was used to prepare Bing Crosby recordings for their award winning transfer to CD. Larger diameters can be cleaned where this is specified when ordering.

The advantages of the Loricraft record cleaning method over all other methods including ultrasonic cleaning machines is explained in the video - How to Clean your Vinyl Records Properly


Dimensions: Length 46cm, Width 41cm, Height 29cm, Weight 15kg.

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