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Open up your entire compressed digital music library without having to turn on your computer. This tiny box reads most digital file formats and plays back your stored music in hi-fi quality. Controlled either via a remote or three buttons on the front panel, this player recognises most USB drives and SD cards up to over 1TB in size!
The strengths of the Media Box S lie in playing back playlists, or pre-organised music. It is also a great addition to a hi-fi system for users who have compressed digital audio sitting on an external hard drive.

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Key Features: Easy to use high quality audio reproduction of compressed file formats from SD cards, USB sticks and USB hard drives 
“Plug and Play” without the need for a PC or Mac
New wall plug power supply also gives power to USB hard drives
High contrast 1.0” LCD display 
Artist / Album / Playlist read-out from display
IR remote included
Excellent sound quality from digitally stored media
High quality, upscaling DA-conversion on board
Digital coax out (RCA) for usage with even better DACs
Extremely low jitter
Massive metal casework 
Perfect to be combined with other Box Design components

Technical Data:
Supported Audio Formats: MP3, WMA, AAC Data Rate > 384kbps, VBR Support
Hard Drives:  FAT 16/32 
Digital Output: SPDIF Coaxial (RCA)
Analogue Output: Very Low Noise (100dB)
DAC: 24 / 96 Up-Sampling, Ultra-Low Jitter
D/A Converter:  Texas Instruments TLV320AIC23B 
SD Input: Up to 32GB
USB Input: High Speed 2.0
Clock Mode: Synchronous 
Noise Floor:  100dB / 1V 
Power Consumption:  1.8A DC 
Outboard PSU:  9V/2A DC, <1W
Standby RCA Socket: Gold-Plated
Dimensions (W x H x D): 103 x 36 x 104mm
Weight: 610g (Without PSU)


Note: The Media Box S will not play FLAC or WAV files. There is good reasoning for this with this product. For a wider variety of connectivity options and to play back more file types, check out our Stream Box DS.

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