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Onyx 12" armtube option


The Onyx arm is a big step up from the Alliance. It is probably a surprise that the performance is also a big step up from most arms on the market. This seemingly unlikely statement is made on the basis that the Onyx outperforms the Origin Live Silver MK1. The Silver MK1 was reviewed as the "best arm ever heard" by a number of reviewers including a highly experienced editor. It still outperforms many arms in the £3000 ($4600USD) region.

In summary this is a high performance arm built to a budget. The expertise gained from years at the forefront of high performance tonearms has been utilised to bring the best possible performance at extreme value for money.


The design philosophy and many components in the Onyx are derived from the legendary Silver tonearm.

• High grade aircraft alloy, single piece armtube.

• Well specified and highly robust bearings. These bearings are housed in an advanced yoke which includes highly developed decoupling techniques.

• High grade Internal Litz wire and standard external cable with RCA plugs to fit into your amplification.

• Integral VTA adjustment.

• Fits ALL Rega armboard cut outs whether old style threaded base or new 3 point mounting.

For fitting guidance see arm fitting

We suggest you order a stylus force gauge £8 to set tracking force if you don't have one - see options tab at the top of this page.

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"Sounds more human, more (dare I say it) analogue, and more (gulp) musical....represents excellent value for money and comes highly recommended.......offers a relaxing, expansive and musical sound hitherto unavailable at its modest price point"

- HiFi World, Aug 2011 full review

"The Onyx is a great looking product. All parts appear to be made by Origin Live including the arm lift, something only a mere handful of manufacturers will do these days. .....Even when fitted to a relatively humble deck  and carrying one of Ortofon's most affordable MC cartriges, it never fails to let the music speak for itself. This high class but friendly priced tonearm is equally elegant in appearance and  performance. Handmade in good old Blighty by a devoted company that knows a thing or two about getting good vibes from vinyl, the sonic performance the Onyx delivered in the context of a modest but carefully adjusted setup can be conveyed in three words: unforced, organic and airy. My conclusion needs but one word: recommended."  

- Kilian Bakker, review conclusion printed in a Dutch Hi-Fi Magazine
 full review
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