Podium Reference Single Platform for Origin Live Isolation

One of our most popular products, the multi accolade and award-winning Podium Reference is a four-legged hi-fi rack constructed from solid oak. The sturdy 40mm plinths provide stiffness and stability, with each standard 595mm wide plinth weighing on average 10kg - adding to the rack's density as well as absorbing vibration.
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Podium Reference Single Platform for Origin Live Isolation
Size of platform: 595mm x 400mm The Podium Reference is a modular rack, with each tier designed to be placed seamlessly on to the next. The 46mm² solid hardwood legs are removable and can be made to any length at no extra cost. This allows the hi-fi rack to fit around your system, and means you can keep adapting and upgrading your rack with extra tiers and/or longer legs as you add/change more equipment. Key Features: Modular construction - add new tiers and change leg lengths as your system grows and changes A choice of 5 solid hardwoods: Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany or Maple Choice of 2 Oak finishes: Black or White Each rack is finished with your chosen clear satin or gloss lacquer Choose from matching or black legs 40mm solid hardwood plinths Removable, solid 46mm2 hardwood legs Maximum 90kg load Isolating spikes with matching floor protectors are included. Available in stainless steel or black
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