WBT Binding posts - Each ( Pole Terminal ) (Classic) Standard Gold, (WBT-0702.01)


Loricraft Cleaning Thread

WBT Binding Posts Each - (Pole Terminal) (Classic) Standard Gold, (WBT-0730)

Pole Terminal (Classic) Standard Gold, Gold Polished, Platinum Polished. (4 pcs)

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Superb solid construction with two separate clamping nuts to ensure an extraordinary high contact pressure and hence low and constant transition resistance level. Sandwich spades and crimped cable ends (up to 6mm/9 AWG) can be securely attached through the WBT clamping nut system The inner connection option accepts cables up to 10mm (7AWG), which can be either soldered or crimped by Torx screw connection - If you order 2 off then you get a pair with one in red

* Patent clamping mechanics for 4mm banana plugs

* Extremely high contact pressure through fine pitch thread and milled grooves

* Soldering or crimping (with Torx screw) connection

* Highly conductive copper alloy

* Twist-proof mounting

* Puzzle plate mounting system

Posts are supplied as apair with a red and white coding washer and puzzle plate


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