Pole Terminal (Nextgen) Copper and Silver Plated (WBT-0710)

Pole Terminal (Nextgen) Copper and Silver Plated (WBT-0710)


WBT Binding Posts Each - (Pole Terminal) (Classic) Standard Gold, (WBT-0730)

WBT Binding posts - Each ( Pole Terminal ) (Classic) Standard Gold, (WBT-0702.01)

Pole Terminal (Classic) - If you order 2 plugs or any multiple of 2 then half the plugs will be "hot" coloured to indicate positive polarity.

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 - Pat. clamping mechanism for 4 mm banana plugs
 - Solder or crimp connection with Torx screw
 - 24 carat multi layer gold plating (nickel-free)
 - Max. constant current 100 A
 - Twist-proof mounting
 - Puzzle plate system
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