RCA Plugs (nextgen) Copper or Silver (WBT-0102)

 Pole Terminal (Nextgen) Copper and Silver Plated (WBT-0705)

Pole Terminal (Nextgen) Copper and Silver Plated (WBT-0705)

RCA Sockets (nextgen) (WBT-0210)

RCA Sockets (nextgen) (WBT-0210) For Chassis Mounting. (2 pcs)

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WBT-0210 Ag
»  75 ohms (typ.) characteristic impedance
»  Totally distortion-free (no eddy currents)
»  Ultimate conductivity (signal conductor made of high-purity silver)
»  Inner contact designed as tulip contact with spring ring
»  Outer contact in the form of a pat. double wave contact
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