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A headphone amplifier that is truly capable of making good headphone deliver a lifelike, dynamic and breathtaking performance with a real out of head three-dimensional stereo sound stage.The new Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition - our flagship headphone amplifier - gives you the sound you always wanted from a headphone!
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Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier News Update: Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition Chosen For Grado Again! The Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition headphone amplifier has been chosen again to demo Grado headphones at the 2014 Bristol Sound and Vision show, February 21st - 23rd. A Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition headphone amp also resides at Grado HQ in Brooklyn NY. Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition at Bristol Hi-Fi Show Phil Gold said... "The superior imaging and greater musicality on all the single ended phones in my collection make this component worth the extra money. You can't beat the sound at this price and this is the one I'm keeping. [High End Headphone Amp Group Test Shootout!] The Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition headphone amplifier gives you the sound you always wanted from a headphone amp! A headphone amplifier truly capable of making good headphones deliver a lifelike, dynamic and breathtaking performance with a real 'out of head' three-dimensional stereo sound stage. The Diamond Edition Solo Ultra Linear headphone amplifier has a lower noise floor for improved in-ear monitor listening and a new output stage for better performance with difficult and low impedance headphones, yet it has the clout to drive high impedance headphones too. The Ultra-Linear voltage amplifier stage gives you the smoothness and warmth of a tube amp, yet with all the precision, fine detail, and punchy sound of the solid state amp it is. Plus, it won't wear out like tubes. Make the Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition your reference! A factory upgrade to Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition spec is available for all old Solo's from mid 2004 onwards - click here. A DIY upgrade is also available - click here. If your Solo isn't already equipped with a PSU1 power supply, it is highly recommended to bring out the true Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition sound from your upgrade.


Headphone impedance range: 8 to 2,000 Ohms / 16 to 600 Ohms preferred

Power output: (rms, both channels fully driven at 1% THD)
32 Ohms: 140mW/channel; 600 Ohms: 30mW/channel

Input sensitivity (for specified power output into 32 Ohms): 511mV rms

Input impedance: 37k Ohms at max volume; 50k Ohms at min volume

Distortion: (THD plus noise at 9 o'clock volume control setting (qtr power))
10Hz-20kHz: better than 0.04%; 10Hz-1kHz: better than 0.02%

Frequency response (±0,-3dB) 10Hz - 35kHz

Output noise: (22Hz-22kHz, quasi-peak/un-weighted) -95dB

Channel balance: better than 1dB

Crosstalk: Left to Right -56dB; Input to Input -68dB

Input selector centre-off position: non-shorting; -38dB at max volume with 2V rms input (ref: 1kHz and 10kHz)

Output Stage: Bipolar class AB

Supply voltage: 24V DC unipolar

Size: (approx.) W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 185 (mm) inc. controls

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