Wireworld Luna 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Luna 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Stream 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Stream 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Helicon OFC Speaker Cable

Enjoy the performance advantages of DNA Helix design in an amazingly light, flexible and open cable. Originally designed for internal speaker wiring and DIY applications, this cable sounded so great we decided it would make an excellent external wire as well. OFC conductors, easy to strip and terminate.

(Not for in-wall use.)

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Wireworld speaker cables utilize either  Octo DNA Helix ® ,  Quad DNA Helix ® or  Dua l  DNA Helix ® designs* with material improvements that enable each upgrade level to  provide even higher levels of sound quality. Wireworld’s speaker cables are factory  terminated with  Uni - Term ™ interchangeable silver - clad or  24 K gold - plated  spades  and banana plugs which deliver superior audio performance.


DESIGN: Dual DNA Helix

SIGNAL CONDUCTORS: Qty: 2 (16 strands)    Gauge: 16AWG  |  1.25 sq. mm


INSULATION: Composilex 2

PLUG CONTACTS: Silver + Gold plated Uni-term

NOTE: HES (Standard)

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