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Stream Box DS+ is Pro-Ject Audio‘s new audio streamer, that includes more features than their own Stream Box DSnet. Additional to streaming functionality Stream Box DS+ also acts as D/A converter for other digital sources (USB, coax, Toslink) and as pre-amplifier with 2 additional analogue sources, that easily can be connected to a power amp! Superb audio playback including 24bit HD music is self-evident, like outstanding technical data for distortion and noise levels.
With this Streamer Pro-Ject have produced a highly musical device that will play all of your digital music sources. Whether you want to play from an iPod, listen to internet radio, link with your NAS drive, or unlock the potential of your HD music stored on a hard drive, the Stream Box DS+ can help you. Navigation and volume control can be done via front control buttons, IR remote (which is included) and/or free Android / iOS App.

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'Box Control'
Box Control by Pro-Ject Audio is a brand new control application designed to streamline your entire listening experience. By using a purpose-built NetAPI software, which is pre-installed on all Stream Box DSA streamers, Box Control can offer full-control of the entire Stream Box system - including navigating hard drives and playing Internet Radio.
To download Box Control for iOS, click here.
To download Box Control for Android, click here.

Key Features:
Fixed & variable analogue audio outputs (RCA)
Volume control using IR remote, front buttons & App
2x analogue inputs (RCA)
2x digital inputs (coax & optical Toslink input)
Top-grade Highend PCM 1796 DAC
ALAC & AIFF support
Search functionality fast forward and back
Alphanumeric search
9 Display languages
Wifi 802/b/g/n allowing real 24/192 with Wifi
Free Control APP (iOS & Android)

AirPlay: With the use of a free application - available on the App store for iPhones or iPod Touch, and through the Android Market - the Stream Box DS can be used as an Air Play-like product. 
Simply install the Application onto your device, open it up and press the "My Music" icon. Select an album/track to play, and when the pop-up screen 'Play On' appears, select Stream Box DS.
Please note, performance is most stable when used on a strong wireless network, and with lower file-sizes.

Spotify: By downloading Jamcast from SDS Technologies, users can set-up their Stream Box DS+ as a "Virtual Soundcard" on their network. Jamcast allows the playback of all audio from a computer to be transmitted to a Stream Box DS over the network, opening up such premium services as Spotify, Grooveshark and Last FM.
Simply go to and download the free 14-day trial (which is later upgradeable, at a small cost), and install the software onto your PC. Once installed, go to your Stream Box DS+ and select "Media Server", "Jamcast" (folder), "Virtual Soundcard" (folder), "Virtual Soundcard".
Now, all the audio from your PC will be transmitted to the Stream Box DS+.
Please note, a stable wired connection on the computer and the Stream Box allows for a more solid performance.

Technical Data:
Audio Formats: MP3 FLAC (Up To 24bit/192kHz) WMA9-Lossless AIFF AAC ALAC LPCM (Up To 24bit/192kHz) Ogg Vorbis 1.0 ASX
Internet Radio: vTuner Included
Inputs: Network, 1x Digital Coax, 1x Digital Optical 2x Analogue, 2x USB 2.0 (24/192, type A)  Flash & Hard Disc Drives (FAT16 & FAT32)
Output: RCA (Analogue) Coax S/PDIF (Digital)
Output Level: Up To 1.8V RCA 
S/N Ratio:  110dB @1.8V 
Network:  Wi-fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n & Ethernet (10/100 BaseT) 
Power Supply:  18VDC/1A 
Power Consumption:  9W Max w/ HD Drive/ 0.3W Standby 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 72 x 206 x 230mm (Without Plugs)
Weight: 2.5kg

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