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Options for Technics 1200 / 1210 turntables if you already have one

Technics SL1200/1210 DJ Deck with superb upgrade options

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 "Follow this path and you'll have a Technics to die for....Yes, it really is that good. Clean, open, tight, punchy and very musical....Any gigging DJ's out there will find the mods transform their deck - by contrast the original sounds flabby, bloated, loose, ponderous, confused and undynamic..." Hi Fi World

"If you have a Technics SL1200 Mk.2, this OL kit is a great way to breathe new life into the venerable design and, because of the modular nature of the kit, you can steadily upgrade as your budget permits"

-Record Collector, 2011 read more

"It's command of detail is such that you feel dragged into the action thats going on...an exceptionally captivating energy...transforms it from a product with potential to a masterpiece of sorts...a taste of the high-end at a rock-bottom price."

-Hi Fi World, March 2011

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Technics-SL1200/1210-DJ Deck-upgrade-options-turntables
Technics SL1200/1210 DJ Deck with superb upgrade options

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The Technics 1210 can be transformed to equal or better the performance of much more expensive decks with the help of outstanding upgrades.
Firstly the standard tonearm can be changed to an Origin Live arm which will deliver a far higher performance as testified to in reviews and owner comments.
Secondly the power supply can be upgraded to provide an ultra smooth voltage and unimpeded current delivery to the motor.

The complete list of upgrades include:
* Award winning range of Origin Live tonearms to dramaticaly increase every aspect of your music.
* The Origin Live power supply (Advanced or Ultra versions) to drive the motor with unprecedented freedom from vibration.
* A powerfull optional Toroid transformer that can be added to increase dynamics and bass weight
* New feet to provide better isolation
* The award winning Origin Live platter mat to improve musicality and timing as well as tonal balance and other attributes.
* A new Origin Live armboard that better isolates your tonearm

With these upgrades, the Technics existing switch, strobe and pitch controls remain and function normaly In essence, the Technics works exactly as previous but with vastly enhanced musical ability. Cartridge is not included and can be ordered seperately - one reason is that we are not permitted to supply most cartridges to countries outside the UK

Please note we do not sell Technics decks complete without an Origin Live power supply and Origin Live tonearm.
If you are modifiying your deck then there are 2 options
A) You can fit whatever upgrades you wish by doing it yourself
B) You can arrange for the upgrades to be fitted by ourselves or a dealer for a nominal charge.

Stewart Wennen, HiFi reviewer and technical advisor to 15 professional DJ outfits unequivocally recommends the Origin Live Silver arm as a huge upgrade for the Technics and writes the following.

"Of all the SL1200-1210 modifications, the power supply upgrade is a must have addition to the SL1200-1210 turntable. As the Technics transformer is, in effect, removed from the turntable. Dramatic improvements are the order of the day!

As we go up the range of power supplies, the improvements were not subtle! At the end of this I started my SL1200 with no power supply modifications and the difference was tremendous. When I replaced the standard feet with the Origin Live upgrades, again the difference was immediately apparent. Substituting the platter mat for the Origin Live upgrade, the improvement again literally staggering. The upgrade path has to be in this order.

1. Install Advanced power supply.
2. Install Ultra power supply
3. Upgrade transformer
4. Feet substitution
5. Origin Live platter mat substitution

Origin Live has identified the weak points of the SL1210 design. They have provided an affordable upgrade path for this turntable. Along with a 28 day money back guarantee if not satisfied, what have you got to lose? All of these modifications are highly recommended to professional DJs and Hi Fi enthusiasts." Stewart Wennam - Reviewer and Technical Advisor

The fitting of Origin Live tonearms and modifications on the Technics comes as a major shock to DJ's and Hi Fi enthusiasts. Notable and experienced DJ's say catagorically that anyone with a Technics deck is missing out seriously on the great sound that this deck is now capable of. The Technics SL1200 turntable and derivatives are surprisingly good decks, but let down seriously on account of their existing DJ tonearm. To overcome this lamentable situation, Origin Live have upgraded the Technics with a series of upgrades that deliver unbelievable results for both DJ's and audiophiles.

The 2 most significant ways to upgrade the deck are to change the tonearm and install a much higher grade power supply to drive the motor more smoothly. Origin Live arms are used by a number of DJ's nationally and has received specific approval from the Family Tree music group. Some of the world's top night clubs also use these arms. One club specifically in New York using the Origin Live Silver arm was among the top 5 in an award assessment for the best sounding nightclub in the world.

Origin Live have built an enviable reputation for their turntable supplies. Four manufacturers of decks in excess of £10,000 have used Origin Live designs in their high end turntable power supplies. This expertise developed over decades is now offered for the Technics decks at a price that bears no relation to the incredible performance gain - transformational is the best word to sum up the effect of this upgrade which is equivalent to spending £1000s elsewhere.

The supply is extremely easy to fit and has a full instructional leaflet with photos here.The installation by-passes the Technics transformer and regulator circuit. However the Technics existing switch, strobe and pitch controls remain to function as normal. In essence, once the Origin Live supply is wired in, the Technics works exactly as previous but with vastly enhanced musical ability.

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