Entry Level

Alliance Tonearm

The Alliance Tonearm is the entry level budget tonearm of the Origin Live range. Built for performance and affordability, it represents a major upgrade or alternative to other budget tonearms and will reward you with vastly improved dynamics, clarity and detail.

Onyx Tonearm

The Onyx Tonearm is a high performance arm built to a budget. The expertise gained from years at the forefront of high performance tonearms has been utilised to bring the best possible performance at extreme value for money.


Silver Tonearm

The legendary Silver Tonearm possesses a superb blend of performance attributes which make it a truly great all-round performer. It's inherent musicality allows it to excel in all aspects of music to produce great dynamics, natural tonal balance, transparency and a host of other virtues.

Zephyr Tonearm

The Zephyr Tonearm is a considerable advance on the Silver with many of the features of Origin Live's High End arms included. The result is a dramatic improvement in bass weight, dynamics, resolution and image stability.

Encounter Tonearm

The Encounter tonearm is the entry point for our dual pivot bearings that yield such significant advances in transparency and fluidity along with increased focus, stability and resolution through all frequencies

Illustrious Tonearm

Ground-breaking design is behind the astonishing performance of the Illustrious arm. This award winning arm has been highly acclaimed as a true performance leader. In fact, most arms don't even come close. The outstanding dynamics, bass power and transparency that this arm produces are a revelation.

High End Tonearms

Conqueror Tonearm

Light years ahead of it's time. the Conqueror translates idealistic principles into engineering practice. The arm delivers a level of performance that is absolutely extraordinary.

Enterprise Tonearm

Radical thinking makes the Enterprise possibly the best of all High End Tonearms - performance is simply off the scale.