Multi-Layer Platter option

Multi-Layer Platter option

Light Speed Controller (LSC)

The MK 4 introduces the Light Speed Controller (LSC) on all decks with it’s rock steady speed (better than most direct drives) and improved sonic performance.
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Speed control is electronically switched between 33rpm and 45 rpm. A platter speed monitor controls the smooth powerfull motor to drive the platter at constant speed with no measurable deviation from absolute speed. The remarkable speed accuracy is achieved using advanced speed control. This is not only accurate but avoids introducing the serious motor jitter prevalent in most turntables. Read More > Light Speed Controller

How to upgrade to the Light Speed Controller

When you order the LSC, please send us your current motor pod. Once we receive it, the LSC upgrade is carried out in about 1 to 3 working days so you will not wait long. If you are sending your pod from outside the EEC please put a value of no more than £29 on the box or import duty will incorrectly be charged as this is an upgrade / repair not an import.

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