Aurora Turntable MK4

Sovereign Turntable MK4 (includes upgrade transformer)

Sovereign Turntable MK4 (includes upgrade transformer)

Venturer Turntable

  • The Bearing incorporates expensive carbon (not the pencil type of carbon) low friction bearings.
  • The Shaft is a substantial 20mm hard steel coated with a special near diamond hard low friction coating.
  • The high stability bearing is designed to minimize side load friction. This is unusual because it focuses on minimizing the area of highest friction in a bearing. Some companies have focussed on magnetic or air bearings to 'float' the platter. Although this helps matters it actually fails to address the area of greatest friction and contact with sources of vibration which arrive through the sides of the bearing in contact with the spindle. The idea behind this innovation is based in simple stability formula. The design of the platter and bearing in the Voyager is such that any 'side force' or 'rock' on the platter does not cause the platter to 'topple' against the side walls of the bearing house with the resultant high increase in friction. Even inverted bearings do not usually address this problem.
  • The drive system eliminates belts which always have a slight element of stretch - instead the platter is driven directly by a low vibration DC motor via a pulley loaded directly onto the side of the platter.

    Please note there is a 3 month wait for the Voyager turntable.

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Venturer Turntable

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