Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Equinox 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Equinox 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld - Mini Eclipse 7 Loudspeaker Cable

Mini Eclipse 7 is a small flexible cable with a rich dynamic sound that improves the fidelity of studio monitors as well as custom installations. Ideal for listeners who want a reference quality cable suitable for concealment, internal wiring or any speakers that demand the superb articulation of the DNA Helix design.

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Wireworld speaker cables utilize either  Octo DNA Helix ® ,  Quad DNA Helix ® or  Dua l  DNA Helix ® designs* with material improvements that enable each upgrade level to  provide even higher levels of sound quality. Wireworld’s speaker cables are factory  terminated with  Uni - Term ™ interchangeable silver - clad or  24 K gold - plated  spades  and banana plugs which deliver superior audio performance.


DESIGN: Quad DNA Helix

SIGNAL CONDUCTORS: Qty: 4 (40 strands)    Gauge: 14AWG |  2 sq. mm


INSULATION: Composilex 2

PLUG CONTACTS: Silver-clad Uni-Term

NOTE: MES (Standard);  MEB (Biwired)

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